Why such a drastic edit, give me a link?

Why such a drastic edit, give me a link?


Well… I butchered it a bit. I got hold of the original without all the smooth polished editing. I edited a tiny bit, making it a tiny bit less confusing. Oh and then I totally cut off the last five maybe original chapters like it was Frankenstein’s monster’s head and replaced that with what I now wanted to say, what I felt was most important to say.

The whole book when I first wrote it, it was the most overwhelming task I set myself, I find it very hard to read and look at so this edit with it full of those initial thoughts and emotions made me feel like I was contending with a mountain, a huge one. But the more I did it the more I realized I am no longer who I was, I am a lot healthier and much better for having taken those initial steps, the initial need to really challenge and confront myself.


Ah the link as I promised


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