Why did I re-edit?

Why did I re-edit?


I could never be happy with how it was first released. I have returned it to its original most raw copy and just edited it lightly. I want to replace the slightly more “polished” version for the one that is so much more honestly raw. I don’t want it smooth and glossed and shiny. I want it much rougher, much more confrontational. I want it to be as confrontational as it was when I first put the words into motion. I wanted to confront things, I wanted to teach things, I wanted to challenge you.

I have decided that the ending however, that was pure crap in my opinion. It was too light and fanciful. I didn’t want you to think that I half assed the end when so much was emotionally confronting throughout. That felt like a betrayal to the characters. So I had to take a little drastic action.

Reading the rawest pure form of this story, it has cut me like a knife every time I look at the page but I knew I had to re-edit this to finally be able to close the door on this story.

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