Hooked on a book 2


Ok, So I have been really naughty. As soon as I finished reading Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead I began reading the second in the series, Frostbite. Oh my god! I did it in a day but that’s not what the OMG is for. That OMG is for, well it’s simple, I mentioned before the books are very well written.

Chapter 22 definitely had me shed a few tears. It is so written in such a raw way. The voice, is beautifully distinct throughout and the world is painted so beautifully.

I realise, that Richelle mead paints her world in a very similar way, she paints it with emotion, or she uses emotion to define her tone in such a confident way that the image and the characters each have their distinct definition.

It makes me wonder, that if you write in a world of emotion like that, just what is your perspective on life. Through someones writing, you can discover how they see the world, how that by reading that you have a chance to see through someones eyes, a window. If that is how you read the world, in an emotional way, than like me, the second book will have you turning the page totally absorbed ignoring all distractions. If not, I would love to see through someones eyes when they read it when their perspective is somewhat different, less emotionally charged and connected.

Now this post is short and sweet for a reason, I want to go and read the third in the series now, called Shadow Kissed…

See you on the other side!

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