Author Update for January

Well January has been a weird old month.

So far I’ve had a cold and avoided doing any real work for some time, however, I have made baby steps towards the next writing project.


This month the world lost a superb actor, icon and there are no words to describe the nostalgia and love for these people. Idols to many, and they enlightened the world with their own wisdom. Though for me the greater influence to my life, Alan Rickman. It is a sorry and profound loss to actor, story teller and wild dreamer alike.


There is something great and positive coming in the air though, with the briefest glimpses of the extraordinary, I cannot wait to see what it is that is coming.

Change is both devastating and wonderful. With it comes pains that the heart has never understood before and joys just as much.

This month, the first of the year has been very curious. I have itchy feet and I am preparing to dive into another story, bit by bit then all at once, just like when you fall in love. This project has grown into so much more than I thought it would be and so much more complex. I am doing all I can to keep up with it but I am not sure it will be finished for a long while. there are lots of plans and thoughts still growing and blooming. Its not about waiting for the right time with this story. It is more about allowing the idea and plot to grow fully and ripen. Hopefully soon I will have more time to dedicate towards it.

I hope that the change in the air is entirely positive for the time being I think we all need it.


I hope you are finding a little amusement in the first few chapters of Counting Corvids.


May luck and adventure be on your side!

ARA xxx

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