Counting Corvids Chapter Five

Chapter Five “Pack Animal”


“Willow and I are just going for a walk be back soon honey.”

“O.k. sweetie take a jacket” Willow closed the door behind them. “Willow, you shimmered, its serious I had hoped that you wouldn’t have been able to, but it looks like I have no choice but to tell you.” Her father’s face darkened, “Willow, my father, your grandfather was a Fury.” Willow stared blankly. “A Fury, is a type of demon, he tricked my mother and well, I came about. When I met your mother I was so ashamed to be part fury I told her I was just a flame Elemental, and I hoped that the fury would make no impact when you were born. You were so tiny, but you were born able to use magic, something pure Elementals can’t do. I hoped it was because you had purely elemental, my flame and your mothers mist and earth, but when you shimmered today, I knew it was my fault.”

“So I’m part demon, great anything else you want to add?”

“You’re the chosen one, but you already knew that”
“Will your demon, will my demon side affect the alliance?”
“Possibly, it could swing either way”
“How do you hide your fury side then? Wouldn’t others be able to tell?”
“They would, but I wear a talisman”

“That hideous pendant?”

“That’s the one, they are only made by fury demons, and they are used to conceal your demonic heritage from others that must not know. Fury’s are one of the highest upper level demons, and with the help of these talismans notoriously hard to find and vanquish.”
“What’s that? What’s it doing?”

“My God, it’s a Gourlay, I haven’t seen one of those in ages you might want to vanquish it, it’s on the hunt”


“Just, give me a hand will you, they tend to hunt in packs but this one must be the loose cannon.” Minutes later the demon burst into toxic green smoke.

Eric, Willows father lead them swiftly back to the house.

“Madi, J.B what are you doing, I thought we were meeting later?”
“We were but we thought, hey why not go out to lunch, I hope you don’t mind?” Madi smiled encouragingly at Willow trying to get Willow to agree to J.B’s suggestion. “Sure, why not, we have just vanquished a Gourlay, why not?”

Madi’s face changed to concern “was it with a pack? Where were the others?”

“I don’t know it was on its own”

“It must have been separated we need to find the rest of them, and fast, they normally hunt in packs of, well, three.”

Madi pulled Willow and J.B out the house and down the street in search of the missing Gourlay demons. A couple of roads away they heard a scream, the three burst into a run towards the scream. Coming level with the scream they saw two revolting creatures with vicious lime green eyes feasting on a body, aging it until it became withered and old before turning into a pile of ash. The Gourlays turned to face the three stood in horror. Their voice rasping as they spoke “Dude, more for the collective”
“Dude, shall we?” They chorused as they said “Dude” a final time before they edged to trap their prey.  Willow spoke out at last grimacing at the sight before them, “you take the left, you the right.”

“Ha, dude, the girl thinks they can win”

“Dude.” They cackled without hesitation Willow reduced the one on the right to a puff of vile green smoke blowing it to smithereens. Turning to the one on the left, she caught or created, she wasn’t quite sure, a gust of wind took the flames she had shot at the Gourlay and fanned them as they danced in circles around the Gourlay before pelting her with the balls of fire as she transformed into a puff of the dense green smoke.
Madi’s Jaw dropped stared at Willow. “Well that’s vanquishing in style” Willow laughed with Madi, while J.B chuckled a hollow laugh.



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