Its been a year!

Yes that is right it was an anniversary!

This site has gone from a hosted blog to a domain blog. It has been a year since became a thing on the internet.

I am not sure how many of you are aware? Well on the very day I got really excited and happy. And do you know what, I am so happy, I am so eager and excited every day that this site is a thing, that this website is a place. My place, where my writing is here, the good the bad and the ugly.

Its an example of the worst of my writing and an example of the things that I really enjoy writing. It is all so blooming amazing for me as a writer, because while I don’t really watch my numbers/views/downloads etc it is still exciting for me to have this place to write in, whatever it is I want to write. Projects and so on exist on this site. Ideas that possibly would have been abandoned, probably would have been abandoned. It is exciting to have a place that ideas can come and grow and follow whatever path it is they are meant to be. Ideas that would have been abandoned in favor for major, larger projects.

I am excited that I get to say how excited I am for the new project, The Diary of Elliot Parker.

I know that its been a while since I have been posting, a good few years now, but it has been an exciting year, and the site has changed so much. Especially as the link has gone from being a branch on a site to being its own thing. I am so excited by this.

I love writing. And while at first I found this site hard to write for, I found it really hard. There were times where I struggled with the identity of this site, what I wanted it to be, what vision I had for the site. But now I am quite content and excited to be moving forward with this site, it really has become enjoyable. I love writing here, I love creating projects that keep growing and The Diary of Elliot Parker is a prime example of the corners of my mind that doesn’t often see the light of day, though that is true of very many things but this is quite the change that I enjoy writing. I love how the Diary of Elliot Parker is morphing as I write it so I am excited for what is to come and here is to another year of

Whats on your mind?

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