Consider me a mutant

So I have to tell you something. My friend (who for the sake of privacy I will refer to as J), well he recommended I read this book. So sure I didn’t take it seriously, it took me a few months to order the book from amazon. Then it took at least a month before I read the back (and by read I mean skimmed the first three lines) and put it back into my reading pile. Ok so the day comes when I think, ok time I should read it.


No word of a lie.

The book that was recommended? Mutant Message Down Under by Marlo Morgan.

I read the first chapter and thought hmm, this looks good. But then my attention wavered and gave it a couple of days. Then I read the rest of the book in one day. Yep that’s right. Morning to evening I didn’t put the book down for longer than two minutes.

I don’t want to give the book away. But I love how well written it is. I love that it is a book where you are able to take away from it as much as you are receptive to. I can see someone reading this book for entertainment and discovering their perspective altered just a tiny bit or a lot.

I came to this book with an understanding to a degree of the law of attraction. This heightened that understanding, underlined it and showed itself in a demonstrative way.

I can see why J thought this book was so important for me to read. I owe him a huge thank you.

Ok so basic story for someone not interested in the law of attraction: Woman goes to outback with a dying race, her life changes because of it, she has to go back to the real world.

Those of us interested in the law of attraction: Amazing journey, a woman ends up going on a journey where she finds her whole belief and life system tested. She comes to understand not only the law of attraction but the incredible details of the world to a very strong understanding of the world. Discovering her natural intuition. She returns to the society she came from and began to try to uplift the resistant. But finds more success on uplifting those closest to her with open minds and hearts.

This book is great.

I started recommending this book before I even reached half way I knew that no matter what the ending was going to be. Sad or happy it was going to be fulfilling. I just knew this book needs sharing. Had it not been for J, I would never have known. But now I do it cannot be ignored.

I would happily direct friends to this book. I genuinely mean it when I say “you should read this book”

Even if you don’t think you will take anything from it, even if it entertains you for a little while, that is great. Because you never know what you will end up taking away from this book.

While I can’t imagine myself doing the whole outback down under adventure of my own, my path doesn’t hold ground in that direction. But I do appreciate the values, the understandings, the teachings that it shows. The lessons and the tests. I know it is not my path to replicate the footsteps, I lived them however through the words on the page. They are as profound as the adventure itself. It is appreciated.

While it is fictitious that doesn’t diminish the possibility to extract something positive from this story. Whether you look at the world with a greater appreciation for the planet or you learn to trust your own instincts.

It is nice to escape for a while into another adventure where you can perhaps come to a newer realisation of self-trust.

Sure the world is probably going downhill. But to be honest. This book is a good read even if for entertainment. It has a very real feel to it.

The story is exactly that, a great story, if it helps you trust your intuition or encourages you to look for good in the world it has done its job.

Looking at the world with appreciation and gratitude is something that a lot of people would enjoy learning, to give up the struggle and resistance and just learn to live a positive life.

So to the author I send thanks and appreciation for the story.

To you readers, I strongly suggest reading this story, if even to find a place of peace or appreciation that you can take from this story and implement it into your everyday lives.

My challenge to you, name one thing each day that you truly appreciate, one thing that you are grateful for, one thing you are genuinely looking forward to tomorrow. Make that your daily challenge please. I’d love it if you all feel good more of the time.

May luck and adventure be on your side!

ARA xxx

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