Author Update (January 2017)

Hiya Guys!

So I drafted some of this month’s Author Update through the month. So lets get through the updates through the month and then towards the bottom, I have something I am adding, something new.

So we have made it through the first month of 2017! Surely I am not the only one who is excited? Yes? No?

I want to know how all of your New Year’s resolutions are going… What did you choose to do and are you still going at it?

So, so far this year I have had my appointment with the pain management team to try to help my ribs. The poked them. The day after a doctors poking they always hurt worse. But the thing is, we have tried nearly everything to manage the pain, so now the suggestion is, injections. And I know I know, for someone with many tattoos I still am scared of needles. It’s a completely different thing.

I am feeling more adventurous this year. I want to do something different. I feel like emotionally I want to take on the world. If I physically could I would love to learn belly dancing and go to ceroc and just breath new life into things. First off, the ribs need sorting first, but secondly, I need to put a priority on writing. So everything in moderation.

Writing accomplishments this month, roughly is a few thousand odd words or at least that is my hope and I’ve not just hallucinated and dreamed the words that never met the page. That could really happen with my new addiction to Pretty Little Liars on Netflix. Plus new Shadow Hunters this month. A very happy square eyed girl is sat typing this.

I must dash now to hopefully go and write some inspired words for The Diary of Elliot Parker for the part two that I hadn’t anticipated feeling the need to write.

Can you have a midlife crisis at 25?

I don’t know if it is really possible, but that is what I have been thinking lately. Writing is a passion, a vocation and I am not in anyway doubting it or not enjoying it. The crisis is really not writing related. It very much feels like writing is the really right feeling thing in my life.

But there is a part of me that is asking what the hell am I doing with the rest of my life? I am still single, people I know are getting married, starting families and then there is me. The ever dreamer drifting a little in every other way.

So I ended up having a heart to heart with my bestie Harry. I think the best way we described how we have been feeling is that we have this feeling our inner child is throwing a tantrum screaming at us. Did we really abandon all of our childhood dreams?

I know I’ve been trying to cleanse this year of bad habits, but maybe I should also be paying more attention to how I feel right now. I know as a child, my dreams were singing, musical related and lots of stories. The only one that I haven’t had to sideline for one reason or another is story telling. So Harry and I decided we would try to sate one of our childhood voices that wanted to do something music related.

So our plan is to learn guitar, he wants to learn piano, and I want to get some breath control back in my ribs again so that I can sing. I miss it. This might be a chance for us to focus on dreams rather than responsibility. Its a midlife crisis, we can be irresponsible and follow what we feel passionately about. It’s our prerogative, instead of watching everyone else living all their dreams.

Every mountain is climbed one step at a time, why not enjoy the steps?

Now for the new addition to this month’s author update.

I would like to say that all my thoughts and prayers go out to my friend and his family on the loss of his little brother Josh. I remember Josh in high school, safe to say he was a hit with the girls, but he was the goofy awesome kid that was eternally a rare and beautiful soul. He is missed, dearly. I haven’t done this before, but I would like to share the crowdfunding page with you all, Josh passed away in Australia and the family needs to raise £10,000 to be able to bring him back home to the UK for a proper goodbye. Josh was very loved, and he was a great comic. The world has lost a beautiful light. May his spirit be unburdened and in eternal happiness and peace. He is loved, and will always be remembered. RIP Josh.

If you would like to contribute, this is his brother’s crowdfunding page in the hope to bring him home


And of course I need to throw a little plug in for The Diary of Elliot Parker 🙂

The Diary of Elliot Parker is out now!!! I am happy that it’s now launched.

And as always… I just want to remind you that there are books that are open, and available to you. So here is the link to my amazon author page, why not see if something takes your fancy?

May luck and adventure be on your side!

ARA xxx

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