Pet Peeves

Pet peeves.

Sure you know how it is, when you are single, the assumptions. Like the assumption I have noticed most have, that having a particular kind of “fun” is the only thing you want and is worth having. Yeah, no… walk away now if that is the mind set you have because I don’t want to sooth bruised egos. I know what I want, you know what you want, if it’s not the same, can we agree not to waste each other’s time? One last thing on it- don’t berate someone for not agreeing with your opinion no matter the situation. It’s just so not cool. No matter what.

There are other issues that get on your nerves. Sometimes it comes from something not related to a relationship status.

Like, dare I say, being a writer.

When you tell someone you are a writer, there is generally a few set responses but there is one that I know is the most irritating thing. Someone who goes “you should write this…” or do this or that or whatever.

It is simple, if I wanted to do that, I would, but I don’t, so I don’t want to do that however saleable they think that idea is.

Or the other annoying factor, the closed minded kind. There is only one correct way to do things, their way. Say for instance one person I talked to was insisted that you have to be at least thirty to have some life experience. It has to follow a specific style and sound a certain way. Because you know they consider themselves an expert- someone who has never written or completed a godddamn book in their life. But you know they are an expert.

So of course I am doing it all wrong, right? No.

Ok general things that irritates me as a writer…

– Being told what I should be writing-

Don’t just don’t.

– Being told that I am not following THEIR rules for what a writer is-

I don’t care what your rules are. I enjoy my process not yours don’t push your opinion on me, ever.

– Blatant insults-

No one likes it. Stop.

– The dreaded question “what are you writing about?” –

Because it will never be a simple answer. It’s complicated…

– Can you write a story about me? –

In short NO!

– Am I in your stories? –

In short- read the work and see if you can spot yourself, I hope that things have been good between us otherwise if you do find yourself in something you might not like the answer.

– When will you be finished? –

I don’t know… don’t ask me… its creative writing. Everything is always different.

– Judging, dishonesty and unrequested critiquing –

Don’t be those one of those people, it’s not cool, don’t judge me as person based on what I write. It doesn’t necessary mean it is a desire or request for that behaviour or scene.

If I ask for your thoughts on something, be honest if there is something you like or not.

However unrequested critiquing, I don’t care if my grammar isn’t perfect. If you can understand the thought just go with it.


Oh and spellings- no one is perfect and I am not pretending to be.

Yup I said it, don’t push an opinion on me, no one likes it. I won’t be happy about it. I probably won’t put up with it.

So erm yeah… May luck and adventure be on your side!

ARA xxx

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