The 2017 Project

Well… So far, so good. But I seem to have hit a few 21 day challenges at once. I have taken on eating one piece of fruit a day and so far so good. The Positive aspects challenges of: people, places, things and me. I am also doing the three positive things a day challenge. I am really enjoying that bit of new life homework. I do it when I go to bed each night. The more I have been working on the positive aspects the more I have been feeling an increased the benefit of purposefully looking for the best in each day. It is a pleasure. That is not to say that everyday it is an easy task, but purposefully looking for good in each day is having a knock on effect.

I think I am going to add a dream journal to my hopes to achieve in 2017, but so far no dreams to journal. Somewhat for research purposes I have been trying to learn tarot, so I try to try a draw each night to familiarize myself with my cards. I am very familiar to certain cards already, so hopefully I can learn some more… Perhaps I might put my results on here… Not sure if anyone is interested? I am hoping my notebook that I am using will help me to learn some more.

I still haven’t had a day where I haven’t been apologizing for myself, but that is ok, one step at a time. Maybe other things have to fall into place first?

So I think I can say I completed a few of the 21 day challenges, I am going to keep them up as unfinished for the moment for the 21 day challenge to keep me working on them at the moment. I like that happiness homework so I hope I can keep it going, so far so good.

I am making progress on a couple of the 24-7 goals. In particular numbers 1, 10, 12, 17, 22 for the moment. I will let you know if I achieve them I promise.


The 24-7 goals:

1- Write The Diary of Elliot Parker Part 2


3- Write The Diary of Elliot Parker Part 3?

4- Write the first book of the big project

5- Finish spine tattoo

6- Finish magpie tattoo

7- Finish musical rib tattoo

8- Look for an agent/publisher for the “big” project

9- Learn to drive

10- Learn guitar

11- Finish knitting the cable knit jumper

12- Finish knitting the blankets

13- Improve views on here

14- See a west end show

15- Try and succeed at least three times on the 21 day habit swap

16- Win the lotto jackpot

17- Look for the positives more often

18- Meditate regularly

19- Keep making emotional progress

20- Keep hope and loose more doubt

21- Make posts for here in advanced, consider adding pictures, try to avoid leaving it to the last minute

22- Try to grow my hair long- aim for below the shoulder this year.

23- Become even more open-minded

24- Discover my own special brand of writers magic,

Habit swapping:

Break- Stop apologizing for myself so often. I do it a lot, it is something that really bothers me, mainly because I apologise for things that are completely not my fault and nothing to do with me. I am sick of apologizing for my own existence.

Make- Eat at least one piece of fruit a day. It is supposed to be healthy right?

Make- Write/plot at least an hour each day even on rest days. I have to start getting stricter on myself.

Make- Create and stick to a writing schedule. I have to start being more organised.

Break- Stop being hard on myself, speak kinder words to myself instead. That pretty much explains itself.

Make- A daily list of 3 positive things that I like about my day. Because sometimes it is easy to forget that there were brief sunshine moments.

Make- A daily list of 3 things that I like about myself, physical, non-physical. Because, it can be hard to show yourself some love.

Make- A little notebook of positive aspects, a once a day entry of 10 things that are positive. Literally a list of positive aspects about people, places, things; maybe one day I will post it on here.

That’s all I have for now, it might change or grow.

Whats on your mind?

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