February Flashback- The Darker Path

Well this story is something that was honestly written to be a short: designed, created and written on a train commute.

It was a great way to use the train commute to keep creative.

The Darker Path follows a character into the discovery of a new world having seen human horrors the world of sci-fi monsters isn’t the horror she expects. The real monsters are people.

Sure a character or two maybe based on someone I know but it is bloody fun to write I enjoyed it. I am tempted occasionally to revisit this project and re-create it but expand it and give it more to it, see what happens when the characters are allowed to keep pushing it forward and see what happens as the monsters realise they are not the monsters they think when they see what humanity has done, in its attempts to destroy one character… I want to know if that is something that you would want to read? Let me know and I may just make it the next project once The Diary of Elliot Parker is finished.

So this story is on arappleby.com

So here are the links to the three parts!






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