Westminster Attack

Yesterday, Tuesday the 22nd March 2017, there was a display of the duality of humanity, in which there were lives lost.

This post is in memory of those that died during the terrorist attack in the heart of London yesterday, hoping they will be able to rest in peace, unforgotten through time.

It is hoped, that those involved and touched by the violence yesterday will find support, help and peace. The heros, the victims and those that bore witness to the tragedy.

The media reports a terrorist attack. Something that inevitable in time. Destined to be when, not if.

Throughout the incident, the media and subsequent reporting one thing is incredibly clear. The bravery and humanity of the first responders. Those that have shown the great bravery and heroism that goes above and beyond the call of service. For their response, their humanity and their sacrifice stand out against the darkness as the flames and light of the back bone of our country, unwilling to bow to the acts of inhumanity, however horrific.

In honesty, I cannot help but be proud of being British. The resilience and dignified response not only from our emergency services, but by the coverage of the houses of parliament today. There is an incredible degree of pride, admiration and appreciation for the emergency services and their swift action. The sense of defiance is certainly strong, but as strong as that defiance is, there is love that is so much greater. The compassion and the way in which the capital has bound itself together in support and care is incredible.

As incredibly British as it may be, the love of a good cup of tea to cure all ills is still something we stand by. We may have a stiff upper lip, incredible defiance and an endless debate on what exactly makes a perfect cup of tea. We have something more, whether attacks of terrorism are inflicted in explosives, simpler means or even the mob mentality (the London riots), the British people are truly resilient, community-centered, compassionate in their response to life.

May the souls of those who died yesterday in the attack rest in peace.

May the injured of yesterdays attack receive a speedy recovery and support.

May those who were present in the attack receive support and love.

May those who view the news coverage and the media response remember that as a people, the community of the country remains unbowed, unbent and unbroken.

(Please excuse the Game of Thrones reference.)

I cannot help but feel proud of our country today.

Stay safe wherever you may be.

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