The Diary of Elliot Parker

.: Entry Thirty-Eight :.

My name is Elliot Parker.

Something odd happened with Adrian recently. More than just one something actually. It has played on my mind a tiny bit. So here it is…

The first weird thing, was I had a weird dream, like weird but accidental. I had a dream that Adrian was adamant he wanted to teach me how to use a vape. Like how odd? I don’t smoke and never have but for some reason he wanted me to try this vape thing. I woke up and I sent him a message “Why did I dream that you tried to teach me how to vape.” His response gave me a giggle, in a way. Well his vape machine, the one he is fond of broke and he was mad. So basically I had that stupid dream because he was mad that his vape machine broke. Seriously?

Something else that was a bit odd?

Well, I got rather excited about something that I have been working on online. So I spread my excitement and told Adrian. He found the project and somehow instantly found one of the things that was about him, but not just anything, the one with the story of how we met and how I felt about things when we met. Of all the things? Well, he sent me that back, when I asked why he was sending me that I asked why. I never got my answer. But I did get a change of topic. So if he does stumble on my diary on here, and knows that he is reading about him, and that he has probably gotten mad at some of the things that I have felt or ranted about on here, and if he has carried on reading and has seen this, I still feel that way. That way of how we met. My heart still skips a beat. No matter how I try to distract myself I still can’t help but smile seeing his name. Picturing his lips when he smiles all goofy at me.

So yes. Strange that page was chosen when there were so many to choose from, almost honed in on it. Odd. But yes, if the question on the mind of his was “do you still feel that way?” Yes.

My name is Elliot Parker. I am a deliberate creator. I am deliberately creating a jackpot win on the lottery. I know what car I would love to get when I win, it’s a used car but I know what colour and what make and for the first time I saw the exact car that I want when I found myself in a place of calm alignment, my little cherry red car that I want. Since then I’ve been seeing that particular model here and there. The one thing I did was have a little look online and now I know what tone of cherry would be my most optimum colour that I desire. That and I know exactly what house I want with my lottery win. It’s one that I stumbled on and since then I have been working out what I want to do in each and every room. The most ultimate thing is the super-giant bed I want. A girl is not stupid; a girl knows she wants a huge comfy giant bed. Sure I could probably choose a nice king size bed and get other furniture in and what have you but a wall to wall right across the room size bed sounds perfect to me. I don’t know how or why and it’s not particularly practical but it is the dream bed even if I know I would probably stick to one zone of the bed. Perhaps I should re-think this after all. I just thought that it would be a great sneaky storage space. Sneaky storage just sounds like a fun think to put into the house. It’s big enough that it would be comfortable to have guest’s stay over and not necessarily have to see them in the day. But that is just me being anti-social. I’d want to turn one of the bedrooms into a storage handy zone where its ok to bath the dog and make a mess. Store cleaning equipment and things like that so that they are out of the way. The dining room I want to convert a bit so that I can have a mini extension space of the kitchen even if it is in a separate room. Like somewhere to hide the tumble and washer and somewhere to put the food so that people can help themselves when I am rarely social. A bit like a breakfast table in the room with the dining table. There could be room for counter top cooking like stuff that you order off of the shopping channels. Why not?

I am so eager and excited for that to manifest. Like I can feel and see the evidence of its manifestation amassing. I am comfortable with that knowing it is ready when I am. I am eager for the unfolding of my desires, particularly those involving the lottery jackpot (and house) and this sense and feeling I have in the air about Adrian. There is just something that is telling me that his walls are melting down between his conscious and subconscious, perhaps there will soon be a time when he can feel comfortable enough for that conversation I can feel that hangs in the air like a fog that never lifts.

My name is Elliot Parker, I am an eager and excited deliberate creator. There is a this exciting and creative world and it feels like the universe likes sending me these messages, the dreams that just tells me one very important thing, everything is always working out for me. However I like to interpret these cheeky little messages and nods from the universe telling me, no shouting at me “you are coming into your best alignment with all that you desire.”

Whats on your mind?

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