Author Update (March 2017)

Hiya Guys!

So here we are, coming to the close of March. The Diary of Elliot Parker has returned!!! Not that I am happy about that or anything…

So what have I binge watched lately? The Originals, the spin off from the Vampire Diaries. It’s not too bad. I have been finding it a bit hard at the moment to write. I am working on more of The Diary of Elliot Parker and of course, getting to work on that big project, the massive thing that is taking a tonne of time and thought to do but I am enjoying it truely.

Guitar is going ok, slow progress is still progress. I woke up the other day and had lyrics in my head that I just had to write down, with a little tweak I really loved them. I guess when it comes to writing a song, weirdly, the lyrics arrive before the melody. What comes of being a writer I suppose? I got addicted to the Ed Sheeran songs, he is certainly a talent I admire. Even if I couldn’t get hold of tickets.

Yet another month battling procrastination, writers block and general life chaos. I need to focus more on The Diary of Elliot Parker, the temptation to write the big project over The Diary of Elliot Parker is much bigger. Still not particularly changed the nickname of the big project and to be honest, I still find it has a life of its own, it keeps throwing me curve balls, so who knows.

The big project is certainly a challenge sometimes, where it has come to develop a life of its own I skirt that fine line between wanting the follow the plot very carefully and being true to the characters. I know it is one of those things I shouldn’t complain about. But the story is being co-operative to a degree. It is letting me explore the characters and get inside their heads and when they are ready, they are happy to follow the plot. It is quite a lovely experience.

This month was certainly an experience!

I went to my second funeral this month, RIP Josh. It was beautiful and heartbreaking. He will be so very missed. It was a beautiful send off for a beautiful soul.

I’ve not been doing much writing. I’ve been doing some physio and I end up more exhausted and drained than usual.

I feel like I should start properly planning my nanowrimo project soon. So one step at a time. The inspiration will come for it. I want to get the first book of The Big Project done first though.

I have been thinking about changing this site slightly. I am thinking about possibly doing some new ideas, things I want to add, so that might happen some time in the Summer on the other side of my birthday. I’ll have to see where the inspiration leads.

So I started a diet in the middle of the month last month. The hope was to at least loose 10 kilos or more before the end of March. I have lost just over a kilo and just over an inch off of my waist… not as successful as I had hoped. But something is better than nothing.

Of course I need to throw a little plug in for The Diary of Elliot Parker 🙂

The Diary of Elliot Parker is out now!!! I am happy that it’s now launched. If you haven’t already, catch up on the whole of the first part of The Diary of Elliot Parker so that this part makes a tiny bit more sense- no guarantees on much sense of Elliot in this part, a wee bit of a confusion cloud is setting in.

And as always… I just want to remind you that there are books that are open, and available to you. So here is the link to my amazon author page, why not see if something takes your fancy?

May luck and adventure be on your side!

ARA xxx

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