Three Years

Three years ago my Granddad passed away, one of the influences of my writing. To be honest, both of my late grandfathers helped me become a storyteller by nature and nurture. On my fathers side, my granddad would often tell me stories. On my mother’s side, the creativity.

The fish hook is for my Granddad on my mother’s side specifically. It is a nod to all the letters he sent with a fish hook drawn after he signed his name.

Intensely creative, a non conformist and a great inspiration.

So, yeah I miss him, but I feel like I have gotten to know him more since his passing, I feel more connected to him. Which is a little bitter sweet.

I got this tattoo the year he passed… the first tattoo I ever got. The phrase, “Promitto Memorari” is significant, those of you who read my work a lot will notice I tend to embed it into quite a few projects. Most importantly it will play a huge feature into the Big Project. It will be thoroughly significant to that story. That will be something to look forward to finding out the where the why and the how it will play into things.

I want the people, places and things I love most to be embedded into my writing because it is just as important.

So today, I am thinking about and missing my Granddad but I know that he is safe, happy and watching over me and making sure I don’t make too many stupid decisions, or at least I hope he is.

April’s first tattoo

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