The Diary of Elliot Parker

.: Entry Fourty :.

My name is Elliot Parker.

I am making progress emotionally. I am taking steps and leaps and bounds up the emotional scale. I am deliberately creating these better moods. I enjoy creating the better moods, the positive momentum to what it is I am desiring. I want positive things in my life. I want happiness.

What are my desires? What are my goals? My goal is to feel good. My desire? It is of course to feel good. It is my dominant intent to feel good.

So what do I believe? What are my practiced knowing’s that have turned into beliefs? I believe that everything is always working out for me. I believe that there is nothing I cannot see or do or want that I cannot have. I believe that what I want and desire is flowing to me. I believe that I am coming into a more consistent alignment with what I am wanting. I believe that there is an abundance flowing to me and through me.

What abundance? An abundance of happiness, an abundance of feeling good, an abundance of good things, an abundance of wanted desires. What else? An abundance of love, of hope, of relief, of joy of elation, of anticipation and of excitement. What else? An abundance of wellness, wellbeing, health. What else? An abundance of love, of joy, of attraction, of excitement, of expansive wonderful desires all that are wanted in my experience. An abundance of freedom, financial freedom, financial abundance. An abundance of creativity, an abundance of positive attention and intention.

Why did I do a mini rampage? For one reason, it felt so darn good.

My name is Elliot Parker. I regularly remind myself of this attractive wonderful rampage that flows what I desire to me. It feels good to just know that I am a deliberate creator. It feels good to know that I am creating my experience. It feels good to know that there are no limitations, that no matter what it is I am desiring, wanting that it has been created. There is the truth of it. I do believe in the law of attraction. I believe in love. I believe in joy and hope and relief. I believe in anticipation and knowing. I believe that the universe has said yes to what I am desiring.

So here is something amazing that people forget. We are made of particles, teeny tiny little atoms. The same things that form stars and galaxies, we are made of the stuff that creates universes. We are made of the energies that creates spectacular things, stars and planets and galaxies, and these particular pieces of the universe, these atoms chose to become you. That’s right, you are made of the universe just like I am, we chose to come into this experience.

I am sure that there will be some that disagree and want to call this crazy but who cares. I am sure that there are others who hope and dream of being part of something big. But here is what we have forgotten, we are already part of something big.

For so many years I lived in the discontent of feeling trapped in my life when I felt something bigger calling to me. What was calling to me? The truth that I am already part of something bigger.

That is how I know things are getting better. That is how I know that my dreams are growing just as I am.

I love being a deliberate creator.

What do I want to create next? I want to finish knitting this jumper I have been knitting for the last year and a half that I keep putting off. I like knitting, it creates something but it is also relaxing and fun and it can put you into a meditative stance when you have gathered enough experience whereby you no longer have to concentrate. I enjoy that. I enjoy knitting away and finding the momentum of what may have been troubling me slowing and losing its hold on the energy I am emitting. My point of attraction changes as I shift my energy to a place of ease.

Something that I realised recently, I grew up catholic. In the last few years I have gone from that point of belief to finding a looser term of what I believe. I have come to a new belief system, one that feels good, that I agree with. Now if I am asked to consider my religion or spirituality what would I affiliate with? I am spiritual, that is as far as I want to define it. I believe in the law of attraction. I believe that everything is always working out for me. I believe that what I am made of, what made me, what I chose to become part of has a pure positive focus and is filled with love. That is to say that there is no battle of duality in the way that it is conventional. There is a battle of wanted and not wanted, there is a battle of alignment and misalignment. But it is easy to figure out where you are, because you either feel good and know your aligned with pure positive energy or you don’t. When you don’t feel good, you find yourself wanting to feel good and so it becomes your intention to feel good.

It really is that simple.

Or in even more basic terms… the better you feel, the more you look for good things, the more you find them. It is your intention of finding good things to feel good about that brings those good things to come to be.

What you look for you will see. So what are you looking for? What is it that you are desiring to see?

So yes this diary entry is literally just my own rampage, my own place to rampage and feel good and bring myself into a better understanding of what I believe, I wanted to test what I believe and what I want to believe in. Now I know. I believe, I know that I am a deliberate creator. I am allowing my energy to align with my desires.

Whats on your mind?

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