What it is to be Mundaine?

Well… what have I been reading now?

Well, it took about a day and a half to read City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare.

The second book of The Mortal Instruments series.

It was a good read. I am going to be short with this because I am itching to get to the next book if I am honest.

So the book is a continuation of its predecessor- I loved that one too.  Just saying.

I find the story addictive. I love Magnus and Alec as a couple really I do. But at the moment I find Maia a draining character, I guess she can grow on me.

I think its exploring what “family” is or the bonds that it is, what it can and cannot be. It is curious how the characters are strengthened and weakened all at once by the bonds, so very human in a non-world. In some ways. Mind you some humans, well they don’t act very human, some act worse than demons and some as angels.

Safe to say I want to know what the hell Valentine’s experiments involved… or what the hope was.

I am making a bet about Simon’s new ability post boat is to do with Jace’s blood. But I could be wrong.

I don’t really know what to say. The book is fast pace, descriptive and realistic. I like the way the perspective bounces to other character’s being a central focus, a sure design to create the continuity of the environment surrounding them.

I am really curious about the angel names and so on, how they choose a name for the blades. It’s really quite cool. I want to know what Imogen said.

The series seems to be a very real blurring of the lines between good and bad, black and white, it is very much a test. It is hard to argue with someone who believes that they are without a doubt right, without a doubt justified. It is not possible to argue with a mad man, they will bring you round to their logic, and force you match them on their level and then beat you at it because they have been playing the game longer.

So I suppose I should get reading…


But I am enjoying the series and recommend that you read it. It is understandable why they chose to make it a series. I hope Netflix is going to keep this lovely up.


Whats on your mind?

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