Mundaine! Don’t let it be over!

What have I been reading?

Well as you know I have been making my way through the Mortal Intruments series. I’ve not long finished reading City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare.

Safe to say I enjoyed it.

So a lot got wrapped up into neat little bundles. I didn’t much like Sebastian/Johnathon, but the real Jonathon that should have been, he would have been brilliant, it makes Clary’s dream that much more saddening. He was what she could have had growing up. I don’t know what to make of it, whether he was truly save-able in any sense.

There was the blessing of the foretelling, the plan that they had going on, towards the end, that was great.

Sizzy- Simon and Isabelle, well, it’s true, had Simon not changed and become what he did Isabelle wouldn’t have fallen for him. I am glad they did get it together though.

Maia and Bat! High five!

As for the memory loop hole, that was a little expected, but it was necessary for the ending.

Which was sort of satisfying, more than sort of satisfying. But I don’t know.

Kind of fitting that they found a way around the whole heavenly fire situation but I want to know about what happens to everyone, like Magnus what does he do? Alec? Simon? Izzy? Clary? Jace?

Do Luke and Jocelyn have kids together?

I wanna know these things?

And I want more Shadow hunters on Netflix, they don’t need to alter the books too much.

I like the writing style and the way the character perspectives alter. It’s a different way of doing things, I like it when they overlap. Stylistically it’s nice to see something like that executed well.

I enjoy seeing the way different authors set out the perspective changes.

The Mundaine and the Angel

Well what have I been reading now?

I am so sure that you can guess that it is another mortal instruments book, this time it is City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare.

Well damn it sure does play the old heart strings like a harp.

I love the character progression with Simon and Izzy! I so ship Sizzy!!!!!

But I definitely do not like Sebastian/Johnathan at all. Not that that would be a surprise but it does make me wonder, the experimental thing to do with his upbringing. He did have that yearning to a degree of his father’s approval without the disgust that Valentine seemed to bury enough. Or at least I assume it is disgust. But it is horrific. But that yearning for approval and sibling-ness however mixed up it is in his head what sibling is meant to mean, it seems to be a very human thing. Not something you would expect much from the demonic side, the sense of family. Hierarchy- yes, power- yes, yearning for approval- no, that is too much like a weakness.

Which leads me to wonder about the Lilith point. She is his blood mother after all to a degree. So is there the family thing or is it just hierarchy, creation and power that evil creates. The yearning for approval though, that seems very much a sign of weakness that would be easy to manipulate, if Clary could find a way to use that, to bend Sebastian/Johnathan to that, well it might just be a different story.

I kinda liked the whole Simon+Raziel thing.

But Magnus and Alec… Stop being silly and just be together already, we all ship you guys!

Ok that aside. Yes I enjoyed it. It took a bit longer to read. But hopefully the next book will be satisfying.

A Chilled Mundaine Life?

What have I been reading at the moment?

Well at the moment I have just finished City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare.

Well that was quite frankly heart breaking. Poor Clary. So close yet so far!

It was a quick read, took a couple of days but it was good. I enjoyed it, it was a certain bitter sweet pang. I finished it yesterday and I had to start the City of Lost Souls the same day.

I am very shortly going to continue reading the City of Lost Souls so this really will be really quite short.

I am very intrigued to know what game Camille is playing. I want to know what she wants with Simon and what will happen to him. Simon needs a break, like something good and awesome to happen to him. I would like to know what happens with Jace, that boy is his own worst enemy. So is Clary but in very different ways. I am getting a tiny bit bored of Jocelyn as a character, she has the ability to wear the weak woman well to make Clary look more determined, she lets life happen to her. Why not choose to happen to life?

I dunno I love Luke’s character, but Jocelyn is annoying in my opinion, while the systematic abuse of Valentine seems to be her identity, that’s who and what she is. Like I know, Luke he brings her some other dimension, but without him, she seems to fall apart in terms of dimensionality. She lost her own identity or maybe she never grew one, she just became whatever her mission was, like keeping Clary safe from the shadow world, but once that happened her mission was over and she was in this position of not having a mission to be or save her. She is what I call a hollow character, a great back story but no substance in the world around them.


Not so Mundaine

What have I been reading?

It took a couple or so days to read the City of Glass by Cassandra Clare.

I loved how the loose ends were tidied up and I am so damn glad Clary and Jace finally found out the truth…

But what about Valentine though, what a nut job!  I am wondering how the series would translate all this in terms of filming its quite an adventure.

There was a question once I finished reading the City of Glass, was this intended to be the original end to the series? Was a request made post closure of the City of Glass. That being said it’s not going to stop me from reading the next one in the series.

So I am looking forward to the City of Fallen Angels.

I am so intrigued by the angel at the end, like you could imagine the way that it would be constructed from a tv show perspective.

I get the feeling Sebastian will be back, he’s a calculated villain, and to be honest with Jace and Clary being all angelically awesome there has to be a source of darkness.

This post, like the others is of course short. But I think it is that I don’t want to spoil things for anyone but I suspect, that I like this story enough for it to be added to my inky plans.

I think of all the things I would have loved for the books, is that where the chapters change, the area where the number is, if there was a symbol to some degree of one of the runes. That would be really cool to have the Gray book runes to be integrated. I dunno, it just sounds like a cute idea…. Or the release of a Gray book so fans can communicate, that said someone may have already made them? I might have to do a bit of a googlessssssssy.

That aside, the book is pretty awesome, maybe read the series?


What it is to be Mundaine?

Well… what have I been reading now?

Well, it took about a day and a half to read City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare.

The second book of The Mortal Instruments series.

It was a good read. I am going to be short with this because I am itching to get to the next book if I am honest.

So the book is a continuation of its predecessor- I loved that one too.  Just saying.

I find the story addictive. I love Magnus and Alec as a couple really I do. But at the moment I find Maia a draining character, I guess she can grow on me.

I think its exploring what “family” is or the bonds that it is, what it can and cannot be. It is curious how the characters are strengthened and weakened all at once by the bonds, so very human in a non-world. In some ways. Mind you some humans, well they don’t act very human, some act worse than demons and some as angels.

Safe to say I want to know what the hell Valentine’s experiments involved… or what the hope was.

I am making a bet about Simon’s new ability post boat is to do with Jace’s blood. But I could be wrong.

I don’t really know what to say. The book is fast pace, descriptive and realistic. I like the way the perspective bounces to other character’s being a central focus, a sure design to create the continuity of the environment surrounding them.

I am really curious about the angel names and so on, how they choose a name for the blades. It’s really quite cool. I want to know what Imogen said.

The series seems to be a very real blurring of the lines between good and bad, black and white, it is very much a test. It is hard to argue with someone who believes that they are without a doubt right, without a doubt justified. It is not possible to argue with a mad man, they will bring you round to their logic, and force you match them on their level and then beat you at it because they have been playing the game longer.

So I suppose I should get reading…


But I am enjoying the series and recommend that you read it. It is understandable why they chose to make it a series. I hope Netflix is going to keep this lovely up.