The Mundaine and the Angel

Well what have I been reading now?

I am so sure that you can guess that it is another mortal instruments book, this time it is City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare.

Well damn it sure does play the old heart strings like a harp.

I love the character progression with Simon and Izzy! I so ship Sizzy!!!!!

But I definitely do not like Sebastian/Johnathan at all. Not that that would be a surprise but it does make me wonder, the experimental thing to do with his upbringing. He did have that yearning to a degree of his father’s approval without the disgust that Valentine seemed to bury enough. Or at least I assume it is disgust. But it is horrific. But that yearning for approval and sibling-ness however mixed up it is in his head what sibling is meant to mean, it seems to be a very human thing. Not something you would expect much from the demonic side, the sense of family. Hierarchy- yes, power- yes, yearning for approval- no, that is too much like a weakness.

Which leads me to wonder about the Lilith point. She is his blood mother after all to a degree. So is there the family thing or is it just hierarchy, creation and power that evil creates. The yearning for approval though, that seems very much a sign of weakness that would be easy to manipulate, if Clary could find a way to use that, to bend Sebastian/Johnathan to that, well it might just be a different story.

I kinda liked the whole Simon+Raziel thing.

But Magnus and Alec… Stop being silly and just be together already, we all ship you guys!

Ok that aside. Yes I enjoyed it. It took a bit longer to read. But hopefully the next book will be satisfying.

Whats on your mind?

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