Not so Mundaine

What have I been reading?

It took a couple or so days to read the City of Glass by Cassandra Clare.

I loved how the loose ends were tidied up and I am so damn glad Clary and Jace finally found out the truth…

But what about Valentine though, what a nut job!  I am wondering how the series would translate all this in terms of filming its quite an adventure.

There was a question once I finished reading the City of Glass, was this intended to be the original end to the series? Was a request made post closure of the City of Glass. That being said it’s not going to stop me from reading the next one in the series.

So I am looking forward to the City of Fallen Angels.

I am so intrigued by the angel at the end, like you could imagine the way that it would be constructed from a tv show perspective.

I get the feeling Sebastian will be back, he’s a calculated villain, and to be honest with Jace and Clary being all angelically awesome there has to be a source of darkness.

This post, like the others is of course short. But I think it is that I don’t want to spoil things for anyone but I suspect, that I like this story enough for it to be added to my inky plans.

I think of all the things I would have loved for the books, is that where the chapters change, the area where the number is, if there was a symbol to some degree of one of the runes. That would be really cool to have the Gray book runes to be integrated. I dunno, it just sounds like a cute idea…. Or the release of a Gray book so fans can communicate, that said someone may have already made them? I might have to do a bit of a googlessssssssy.

That aside, the book is pretty awesome, maybe read the series?


Whats on your mind?

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