A Chilled Mundaine Life?

What have I been reading at the moment?

Well at the moment I have just finished City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare.

Well that was quite frankly heart breaking. Poor Clary. So close yet so far!

It was a quick read, took a couple of days but it was good. I enjoyed it, it was a certain bitter sweet pang. I finished it yesterday and I had to start the City of Lost Souls the same day.

I am very shortly going to continue reading the City of Lost Souls so this really will be really quite short.

I am very intrigued to know what game Camille is playing. I want to know what she wants with Simon and what will happen to him. Simon needs a break, like something good and awesome to happen to him. I would like to know what happens with Jace, that boy is his own worst enemy. So is Clary but in very different ways. I am getting a tiny bit bored of Jocelyn as a character, she has the ability to wear the weak woman well to make Clary look more determined, she lets life happen to her. Why not choose to happen to life?

I dunno I love Luke’s character, but Jocelyn is annoying in my opinion, while the systematic abuse of Valentine seems to be her identity, that’s who and what she is. Like I know, Luke he brings her some other dimension, but without him, she seems to fall apart in terms of dimensionality. She lost her own identity or maybe she never grew one, she just became whatever her mission was, like keeping Clary safe from the shadow world, but once that happened her mission was over and she was in this position of not having a mission to be or save her. She is what I call a hollow character, a great back story but no substance in the world around them.


Whats on your mind?

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