Author Update (October 2017)

Hiya Everyone!!!

October! SPOOPY!!!

Ok so seriously… What’s happened? Well… I have been to the Harry Potter Studio Tour (I will do a post for you in November to tell you alllllllllll about it)… What else? Well… I will post about that soon to happen thing in November too, because its technically an October event but, not done it yet… so review to come…

What else? Well… I am still wayyyyyy behind on my writing schedule but good news is that there is another project on the horizon for here! So keep your eyes peeled for more new posts. Yup I was wrong, I have a new big project starting soon!!!

Sadly, I won’t be able to do NANOWRIMO this year, but that just means I can put it on the schedule for next years new resolutions I will be making.

This month on Netflix… I watched the Defenders and some of the Big Bang Theory other than that, tv has been lazy half baked viewing.

Guitar has been SO VERY slow, I have been learning Two Worlds Collide by Demi Lovato. I like the song, it’s a challenge to try a new time signature and to try something from like 2008 maybe? I know, old!!!

My sumbissions of The Big Project to agents and publishers has been slow and painful. My time is stretched way too thin at the moment. I hope to change that

My writing/life balance still is far from being well… balanced in any sense of the word!

Of course I still gotta throw a little plug in for The Diary of Elliot Parker 🙂 I likes writing it so of course I will keep reminding you…

The Diary of Elliot Parker Part Three is now available for pre-order on amazon! Out on the 11th November… here is the UK link

Here is the US link


And as always… I just want to remind you that there are books that are open, and available to you. So here is the link to my amazon author page, why not see if something takes your fancy? There is plenty up there to get you caught up from the first edition to the current of The Diary of Elliot Parker. Perhaps I might even stick something new on there soon so watch this space!!!

May luck and adventure be on your side!

ARA xxx

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