The 2017 Project

So… This is the very last ever 2017 project… While there were some goals I couldn’t complete there were some that I did, and I am very proud for trying.

So for the final month of 2017 I can officially say yes I did complete goal number 8, I searched for a long time for some agents for The Big Project, while I wasn’t exactly successful I know that I am working on making it a project that I am extremely proud of. So yes it is back to the work shop for this project for a little more tweaking over the next 12 months, but I am proud of the book as it is, I know that it can only get better. I can’t wait to see the transformation and to have that perfect agent and publisher lined up for it.

Number 10, learning guitar, well safe to say I have continued to learn guitar over 2017 and I know I can only get better. So there goes another tick on that long list.

Number 17, looking for the positives more often. While it hasn’t always been the easiest task to achieve, I am proud to say I am consistently making great improvements in looking for the positives. I am going to tick that off, but I am going to keep working on that one for as long as humanly possible.

And finally goal 22 to grow my hair out, so other than a good trim to get rid of split ends, I have managed to grow my hair out, it currently at least brushes my shoulders, which is great. So while it isn’t below the shoulder yet, it is at least on its way in that direction.

So yes, I have managed to complete 11 of my 24 goals which absolutely smashes the aim of seven and I am incredibly happy that I managed to get that far. I want to do the 24-7 goals again next year, it was sort of hard work in a good way…

The 24-7 goals:

1- Write The Diary of Elliot Parker Part 2


3- Write The Diary of Elliot Parker Part 3?

4- Write the first book of the big project

5- Finish spine tattoo

6- Finish magpie tattoo

7- Finish musical rib tattoo

8- Look for an agent/publisher for the “big” project

9- Learn to drive

10- Learn guitar

11- Finish knitting the cable knit jumper

12- Finish knitting the blankets

13- Improve views on here

14- See a west end show

15- Try and succeed at least three times on the 21 day habit swap

16- Win the lotto jackpot

17- Look for the positives more often

18- Meditate regularly

19- Keep making emotional progress

20- Keep hope and loose more doubt

21- Make posts for here in advanced, consider adding pictures, try to avoid leaving it to the last minute

22- Try to grow my hair long- aim for below the shoulder this year.

23- Become even more open-minded

24- Discover my own special brand of writers magic,

Habit swapping:

Break- Stop apologizing for myself so often. I do it a lot, it is something that really bothers me, mainly because I apologise for things that are completely not my fault and nothing to do with me. I am sick of apologizing for my own existence.

Make- Eat at least one piece of fruit a day. It is supposed to be healthy right?

Make- Write/plot at least an hour each day even on rest days. I have to start getting stricter on myself.

Make- Create and stick to a writing schedule. I have to start being more organised.

Break- Stop being hard on myself, speak kinder words to myself instead. That pretty much explains itself.

Make- A daily list of 3 positive things that I like about my day. Because sometimes it is easy to forget that there were brief sunshine moments.

Make- A daily list of 3 things that I like about myself, physical, non-physical. Because, it can be hard to show yourself some love.

Make- A little notebook of positive aspects, a once a day entry of 10 things that are positive. Literally a list of positive aspects about people, places, things; maybe one day I will post it on here.

That’s it, the final curtain on the 2017 project.

Whats on your mind?

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