The 2018 Project

Even better news, I can tick off number 8… I got one of the tattoos sorted out, so I got my cover up this month… Yay, just a few to finish but the goal was only one this year.

So it now makes that another one I can tick off, I am slowly reaching a point where I can can begin ticking off a few of those goals one by one.

Small joys but that is still some good news that I can start ticking things off one by one.

The tattoo was particularly difficult to sit through as a cover up, for some reason my skin kept pushing the ink out, but it seems to be healing so beautifully, I love it. Honestly I only picked the cover up first to do out of frustration and a whim, and it all just worked out so beautifully and I absolutely love it now.

24/7 Goals:

  1. Do Nanowrimo
  2. Write The Diary of Elliot Parker (4)
  3. Draft up book 2 of The Big Project
  4. Re-edit book 1 of The Big Project
  5. Edit book 2 of The Big Project
  6. Learn to drive
  7. See a West End show
  8. Complete at least one of the tattoos
  9. Improve on last year’s site views
  10. Keep learning guitar
  11. Create and keep a manageable writing schedule
  12. Look for/find an agent for The Big Project
  13. Finish the cable knit jumper
  14. Start and finish a cross stitch project
  15. Win the lotto jackpot
  16. Keep growing hair out
  17. Keep doing daily positive aspects
  18. Complete at least one minor savings goal
  19. Have Christmas wrapped up before October 31st
  20. Read around 12 books at least over the year for fun…
  21. Be more time efficient, come up with a better schedule.
  22. Fit into the blue dress again and go somewhere to celebrate it
  23. Begin writing the next big project for the site
  24. Enjoy 2018 as much as possible, be happy at every chance!!!!

3/7 goals complete!

Whats on your mind?

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