The seaside

What happened at the seaside?

Well I will start at the beginning.
We got to Brighton about 12ish, but our hotel reservation check in wasn’t until 3pm. Which was a small pain in the bum so we went to the hotel and ended up paying for an early check in. We went to our room which was nice and clean and tidy. Sorted out our bags so we only had to take a mini picnic blanket and sun cream with us to the beach. We went down and walked along the sea front going past the restaurants etc. We walked past an “organic” burger place. Which gave us a giggle, simply because we didn’t think we would actually eat there. We went and got some shellfish, discovered we hate whelks. We thought we would really splash out a bit on shellfish and enjoy our time there, so we got a small pot of lobster, some cockles, some crayfish, some pinks, I even tried my first ever oyster. Not sure how I felt about that, it was nice but so weird and slimy. Turns out the other half likes fresh cockles.
We played hook a duck and I won a tuck with sunglasses on it. We went and had a waffle on a stick- I think they used to be nicer when I was a kid. We had some fresh donuts which were awesome. We went into the arcade and had fun, we won some teddies on the claw machines, had fun on all the other games, we actually did ok at basket ball together. It was generally just silly fun. We went for a walk around the lanes and discovered a shop full of rubber ducks. We went to Chockywockydoodah and I think we were both a little disappointed by it, it was a bit underwhelming. We saw lots of jewelry.
We ended up going to the Sea life centre, we both thought it seemed bigger when we were kids but it was fun and we saw the fishes and sharks going under neath our little glass bottom boat thing. Weirded me out a bit. But the boat tour was really nice all the same.
We went to the pier after that and then went down to the beach for dinner and ended up at the organic place because everywhere else seemed to not do fish and chips and seemed to be shutting. Turns out it was a gorgeous fish and chips, we loved it and barely breathed we inhaled our dinner. We went for another little walk and when we got to our hotel rooms, showered off some sun cream and finally sat on the bed, we were fast asleep in seconds we were so tired!
We ended up getting a late check out too to give ourselves more freedom. We went to the Breakfast Club for breakkie, we both had the All American, he had scrambled eggs but I had poached. Pancakes, bacon, fried potatoes, sausage and eggs… My eggs seemed to look a bit testicular in shape which gave us a giggle. The food was great. We went to the rubber duck shop and got some duckies. Then we went for fish and chips on the pier followed by donuts by the sea. We saved dipping our feet in the water till last before we had to make our way back home.
But safe to say it was a wonderful trip and we made some memories and had lots of fun goofing around.
May luck and adventure be on your side.

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