Getting ready for the seaside

So, after quite a few years I am going to the seaside this summer.

It has been an incredibly long time since I last went to the beach. So I figured, hey why not follow this idea of mine and just go to the nearest seaside in a long time, Brighton. Sure it is a train ride away but still. I thought, well, I have a couple of days off of work in a row so I thought hey, lets go to Brighton for a night.
It seems to be that I am following more and more impulses, sometimes the impulses lead to spending some money. But I thought it was about time I start living. I want to be living more than I used to, I am feeling my freedom.
So even though I am feeling my freedom and choosing what I want I am still going to find ways to save money. So I have booked into the Travelodge because I know there is a consistent standard that can be expected, mainly cleanliness. I think I have probably seen way too many episodes of Hotel Hell. Travelodge just seems like a standard basic but hygenic option. But I couldn’t just go on the site and book a room, nope I decided to go through topcashback simply because hey why not… I got just under £4 back. No complaints there.
Next up comes the joy of calculating train fares and working out how to make it cheaper. Well… It is looking likely that just getting a return ticket will be my best route sadly. Either way its going to be at least £30 as long as I can time it as off-peak. Though that works out OK for me because I am not sure I will want to do early mornings to go enjoy some time at the beach.
So the plan so far is to get there about lunch time-ish, have some lunch somewhere probably on the beach. Then go check into the hotel, get changed and go out to dinner and the arcade. I don’t think it’s entirely worth booking an early check in. I’m not planning on taking a big old bag either so it won’t be too much hassle to carry it around. So obviously the dinner means time to sleep and bed. The next day, get ready and get checked out. Find some breakfast somewhere and probably go back to the arcade or something. Eventually I suppose I should hop on the train home.
But I am looking forward to my little trip to the seaside. I wanna get a stick of rock, it’s an old thing, but still, why not. It’s traditional.
So outfits? Well, travelling there, shorts and a vest top with trainers. The change of outfit for dinner? A nice new t-shirt that I got a few sizes too big to use as a dress, some nude flip-flops and a belt and necklace to make the outfit look super cute! I reckon the most make up will be some mascara and lip balm. I even got a silly hat to hopefully keep the sun off of the tattoos on the back of my neck.
I am taking factor 50 sun cream to prevent looking like a lobster.
So with any luck this little mini break night away will make a refreshing change and I will come back feeling ready to keep at it. But I know I am going to have tonnes of fun because I am not going alone. The other half is coming with me, so I don’t doubt that I will have someone to keep my thoughts distracted, especially when he gets into the arcade. So hopefully he will have just as much fun as I hope to have.
I can’t wait to just spend some quality romantic time away from “life” without thinking about work.
May luck and adventure be on your side.

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