Author Update (September 2018)

What happened in September?

Well after my last Author Update I got engaged, went on holiday and spent a small fortune on knitting wool! One of those things is most exciting though. I promise there will be a post all about the engagement.

That new schedule? Well with all the fun crazy things going on I have to admit that I haven’t followed it but I intend to get back to it I promise. I am trying at least. With the holiday I had all these good intentions to write and all I did was have lots of fun. But I am going to try again. It is worth it.

I have now officially re-started trying to get healthy again simply because the diet theory failed for me I think having fun and getting healthy will make all the difference especially with winter coming. It is easy to feel very down in the winter so I am hoping to really change that feeling.

What am I watching on Netflix? Well, to be honest, I am still watching Pretty Little Liars again I am dying to watch the Originals new series but I am trying to be a bit more disciplined wit my time.. Out side of Netflix the other half and I have now finishedwatching the Agents of Shield which is awesome and even binge watched all the dvds of The 100. It makes me want to do a lot more cool stuff… It gives you that warrior feeling.

I am still knitflixing but that should come as no surprise. Currently working on a spiral knit blanket. I am sure I will post some pictures when it is done…

I better get writing some post’s about the holiday so I will leave the traditional plugs here…

So Darling Daughters is OUT NOW , so for those of you wanting to get your hands on the ending… here is the link for Darling Daughters!  OUT NOW!

The Diary of Elliot Parker  Ninety-One to One hundred and Twenty!  OUT NOW!!!

Or if you want the whole collection in one neat and tidy book, here is the Pre-Order link for the Complete Collection! Releasing 13th October 2018

Nothing changes here in terms of throwing plugs in for my amazon books on my author page… I haven’t lost my hope just yet.

May luck and adventure be on your side!



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