London Film and Comic Con

Ok so let me just start by saying it was the best day ever and all of the photos have already gone up on my instagram if you feel like having a little look…


So we woke up at 5.30am in the morning to get ready- and we weren’t even going in a costume… 5.30am is an evil time in the morning! So anyway we got ready and left at around 7.30 ish and arrived just over an hour later to find a massive queue. It took about 20-30 minutes to get into the venue, luckily the people we were near in the queue were really nice and we had a lovely chat till we got inside.

Going inside it just seemed like a massive expanse, this was my first time at Olympia in London, but it was both of our first times to Comic Con. We did a bit of exploring and worked out the lay of the land, worked out where everything we wanted to see was. We saw some people doing autographs, we then found the photo booths, followed by finally deciding to go and explore all of the many stalls.

It was brilliant we went around and saw lots of cool stuff we couldn’t afford to buy yet. There were bags and gadgets and sparkly jewelry and notebooks… Oh the notebooks… I could have spent hundreds on notebooks alone!

We saw amazing cosplays… I got a photo with a guy dressed as Nick Fury, and one with Deadpool. Got my photo with a Tardis. The other half got a photo with a guy dressed as The Night King and one with Chewbacca. He got a photo with the Optimus prime truck and the Tardis. We ate hot dogs for lunch which were overpriced and under-delicious. The mark up on water felt a bit like extortion. But that is London for you.

We brought a couple of books, and the author signed them, exciting stuff. So I have yet to read them but I have a feeling that I am going to really enjoy them from the brief blurby bit. We ended up walking away from the stand with Moroda and Palom by L. L. McNeil. It seems almost impossible for me to say no to buying a new book, so of course I had to. But it is in my to read pile but it has jumped the queue… its now right up at the top.

So whose autographs did we go for? I got Daniel Gillies autograph towards the last 15 minutes of the day (he is a lovely chap). The other half got autographs from Isaac Hempstead Wright who was really nice and friendly. The other half also got Vladimir Furdik’s autograph too, so as you can see a massive Game of Thrones fan too. If we had had the money I think we would have got quite a few more autographs for sure.

We got our photo taken with Matt Smith which was an awesome end to the day, even if he was an hour behind schedule bless him. I got a photo with Aiden Turner too! Which was great.

Safe to say we were on a geeky high for about a week. We want to go again, so hopefully one day we will get that chance, and I totally think next time dressing up will be in order! I am thinking Skye from Agents of shield. But that won’t be for a long old while yet unless a miracle happens.

Whats on your mind?

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