I said yes!!!!!!!!!!!

As you can see I am super excited to share with you my engagement….

It still feels wildly like a dream!

And that doesn’t surprise me… He and I have very different ideas of how it happened… mainly because he was 100% awake when he asked me and I was dosing off!

Can you believe it! On the night before our one year anniversary!!!!

So I asked him to do something for me, I asked him to write it as he remembered it. This is what he wrote for me:

We were cuddling up together watching Aristocats falling half asleep and I asked “how would you like to fall asleep and wake up next to me for the rest of your life?” You said “yes” with a big cute smile on your face and then I said “Ok in that case will you marry me?” You shot back and said “really?” I said “Yes really” and you said “yes” then I said “you better have this then” showed you the ring and asked again (Just to be sure) and you said yes.


Wanna know what I remember?

I remember closing my eyes and listening to the Aristocats cuddled up in his arms dozing a little bit and just feeling very blissed and happy and tired. When he asked me if I would like to fall asleep and wake up next to him for the rest of my life I had no idea what he was up to so I said yes without even opening my eyes. I think I must have opened them a bit because he moved away a smidge and asked me if would marry him and I couldn’t have been more surprised, hence my “really?” which was probably more a “really?!?!?!” or at least that is how it would have looked in my head. When he said “yes really” I didnt think twice for saying yes. I was wide awake and then he gave me the ring, I don’t remember him asking a second time, I just put that ring on and that was that. Wide awake and way too excited to sleep for hours. So I got out his present from in the cupboard that I had stashed there for this exact reason. Gave it to him and watch him get frustrated at 3 layers of wrapping paper, because you know, I am nice like that. He got a bow tie to learn to tie and his face did that super cute thing when he smiles which just grew even more when he saw his Toy Story “Woody” doll. Which made him even more excited when he found out that Woody Talks.

Safe to say it was an amazing night. A brilliant engagement. A frustrating proposal because my memory is a bit patchy until the part where I get super excited. But still very happy. Was a brilliant anniversary day too… But that will come in another post.

Whats on your mind?

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