Feeling a little inspired

After the wool haul I think I have spent a further £20 odd quid… I went to poundland and pound stretcher and boosted my little haul a tiny bit, but that is inevitable.

But all this wool, all these ideas… I think that is why I am curious about adding a new thing on here, something I want to call Knitter Knatter… I knit most evenings and I do try to do some while I watch TV simply because I need to make the time productive. So I am thinking of having the Knitter Knatter with all the knitting updates and make it a little like a knitting diary, how I am getting further on with it. What has been happening with projects, that kind of thing.

While writing is a massive passion for me, knitting is one of my favourite creative hobbies. It gives me something to do with my hands and sadly more often then not I am quite likely to spend my time knitting more than writing recently, simply because well, to be honest, it takes less effort to pull the needles from off the other side of the sofa than it does to go fire up the laptop and sort out diaries and books. Sadly I am still a lazy little git but I try to be lazy productive at the same time, not sure if that cancels out?

I think over the years I have experimented so much with this website, pure writing, ideas, bits and bobs. Don’t get me wrong I would love an agent/publisher but at the same time I want to express myself and make this site more personal. I think in order to make this feel more personal, I want to include the things that I am passionate about along side my writing. I know I am not the only knitter out there, and sometimes knitting can feel just as isolated as writing until you meet someone else who can do it and you just have that great common ground and sharing of information. I think its a wonderful thing to share, sharing hobbies and passions and advice is a great thing.

To tell the truth I am looking forward to finishing the goddamn jumper I have been working on that feels like its taken years but its one of those on and off projects. Sometimes you want to do it, others  it looks like hell on earth. I hope I never have to make the jumper again. I hate it… I think that will be a Knitter Knatter piece in the future.

But it is things like that, its perseverance, but also its multiple projects on the go at the same time, its what makes it such a great familiar feeling like writing. There is always something to be getting on with or procrastinating from.

Whats on your mind?

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