New Hobby Curiosity

Ok So you all know I knit, I write and I dabble with cooking…

I am very very hap-hazard with cooking. To be honest I don’t follow a recipe properly, I tend to dabble and I rarely measure anything or agree with so called serving suggestion quantities. My idea of portion control is laughable… Could be how I fail all my diets.

But I am wondering about new hobbies, like things that I could learn.

Learning to crochet wouldn’t be a far jump from knitting I guess. I could start with a super simple blanket maybe? I’ve always wanted to learn crochet, or at least understand it, without getting a headache. I mean I look at knitting patterns understand it and still end up confused with a headache and I’ve been doing that for maybe ten to twenty years at least.

I would love to be able to do lace, but it looks like even more of a headache, although I think it would be amazing. How many times have you looked at a piece of something lace and been like that is incredible, especially as it used to be something made by hand a long time ago.

Sure embroidery looks incredible, but I barely, rarely have the patience to do cross stitch and even then I don’t bother with fancy stitches or outlining… It always looks super weird when I try. I don’t think embroidery is for me.

I could learn something physical, learn to ice-skate properly… Sure I can go forward and smash into barriers because I still haven’t learned how to stop yet. But again, smashing into barriers hurts.

I could learn to dance, but I always feel like an elephant trying to do ballet super clumsily and squashing people. It doesn’t come naturally to me. AT ALL.

I could try running, but no. Just no. That is so not going to happen, I won’t even run for a bus. Which leads on to I wont ride a bike because its far too dangerous to ride a bike in Croydon.

I could try bird watching but like… outdoors means bugs… eww!

I could learn extreme coupon-ing but I am super lazy and that looks like a full time job and I feel like I have three…

I feel like every idea is met with an excuse or reason not to. For all of those except crocheting so maybe once I finish my current knitting projects and the ones that follow immediately after I could try learning to crochet something cute… Oh one day I want to make a teddy bear or something… one day…

Whats on your mind?

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