Feeling Christmassy yet?

The time is almost upon us!

So what gem am I about to write? Well, I’ve been feeling Christmassy since September. I completed and wrapped up all of my Christmas shopping in October, so well on schedule. Why start that early? Simple, it is cheaper, closer to the holidays things become more expensive and the winter months feel much much more expensive…

This weekend I will be doing my Fiancee’s Christmas wrapping for him… I am being paid in food so I don’t mind. But that is the thing I always forget, Christmas wrapping can make your back hurt and your patience run thin. I normally finish off all my Christmas wrapping early and end up in the lead up to Christmas doing my families wrapping for them, and it seems I now do the other halves too. I must be some kind of Christmas Elf.

But really, I encourage you all, who hate to think of Christmas until November or even December to begin your Christmas shopping earlier in the year, see how much money you can save and see just how many more things you can get up to in the lead up to Christmas or even in the sales with those paychecks no longer having to juggle the bills and the Christmas shop. It has saved me having to consider using credit cards or over spending in those winter months. Sure money is hardly a Christmas topic, but it will play a large part in what you are able to do.

I am a little Christmas coach/motivator/elf for the people around me.

The first thing I always suggest doing, write down a list of people you need Christmas cards for, and buy an extra 20 or so because you will forget someone… (Buy these in the January sales for bonus points and extra savings)

The second thing that can be done almost immediately after is write down all the people you have to buy Christmas gifts for. Next to their names give yourself a realistic budget of how much you can spend (or want to spend) on each person, total that up, re-evaluate. Shopping earlier in the year and keeping your eyes out all year round for Christmas gifts is a great way to see how much you can save…

January Sales Tip

Save roughly £100 or something like that earlier in the year, when the sales hit, use that to pick up a few Christmas presents cheaper than usual and put them away somewhere… I use a storage box and sort of hide it at the back of things so no one finds it, it’s a great way to stock up on things that can bulk up the Christmas gifts, buy with someone in mind and use it as a boost to their Christmas gifts as it wont be part of the budget (I recommend this method for your immediate family when it comes to sale shopping)

Plus if you save a little extra you might be able to snag that thing that you saw for yourself that you liked that no-one else brought you a bit cheaper…


Safe to say, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas when I hit poundland, buy a tonne of battery operated fairy lights and gift bags… My room is currently filled with Christmassy gift bags ready to go to their future homes… I have a love of fairy lights and safe to say battery operated is a lot easier and lighter than electric cables. Plus, Poundland is great for getting and making DIY Christmas stuff when you butcher the decorations and go all Frankenstien on them…

Oh during Halloween I also pick up their coloured fairy lights (they do red, orange, green or purple) I tend to go with purple but I found the orange ones really cute this year, So you could in theory have a room lit up all in purple or a Christmas tree or something if you are doing a specific colour scheme somewhere, it is a great bulky buy and takes 2 AA batteries. Oh as for the battery packs… I haven’t worked out how to make those “pretty” yet… so get good at hiding them.


Whats on your mind?

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