Setting the date?

Yeah… No… Not yet.

See that is one thing that is starting to get a bit annoying. People keep asking whether the other half and I have set a date.

No we haven’t.

The thing is we won’t until we are living together.

I am however leaning towards winter, its a nice romantic season, cuddling up doesn’t sound like such a bad thing in winter. Getting married in a cuddle season sounds like a great idea. Especially given winter tends to be cheaper. But the idea I have in my head is fluffy blankets, fairy lights for lighting, nice warm drinks like hot chocolate. Hogwarts at Christmas kind of magical vibes. No fluorescent over head lighting, no massive chandeliers, just lots and lots of fairy lights everywhere, and electric tealights to reduce fire risks. but that sort of romantic lighting vibe. Very soft. A little sparkle. That softness. I would love to just have one of those romantic kind of things.

I would say in an ideal world, have it somewhere where we can see the northern lights, if that was possible to orchestrate. But sort of magical and happy kind of vibe.

As for a dress? I have two very different ideas in mind that I will need to try one day. It just depends on what one feels right.

There is plenty of time between now and setting the date to think about it.

Whats on your mind?

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