Christmas on a budget…

If I was smarter, I would have been way more organised than I have been.

This time last year all the non-perishables would have been ordered and delivered by now. To be honest, all the non perishables were delivered in November last year, then the next delivery was the weekend before in December. Last year I think I felt more pressure to be organised. I knew what the plan for Christmas was last year well in advance. This year there has been a lot of confusion around where and when everyone is and wants to be organised for.

Still this idea of budgeting Christmas is something I need to be smarter about.

I started Christmas shopping early on as you know, but that was just presents. It’s now time to really think about the food and the cold of winter and really being ready.

I used my nectar double up during the promotion for something that was needed- Pillows for at the other half’s, his were knackered and needed replacing.  I started keeping an eye on to increase my odds of finding “vouchers” to boost my nectar points earnings, though this year I have dipped in and out of my nectar points. I want to save them up properly next year and then use that double up scheme next year.

Looking for good deals and ways to save money in the weeks leading up to it, working out ideas of what we need rather than what we want is another way to save money, get the needed and not the fun stuff unless there is room in the budget at the end for it.

This year is going to be a bit chaotic over Christmas. I am looking forward to the time off but trying to be efficient with my budget is where things are going to be trickiest. So the plan is boring necessities, followed by traditional necessities followed by fun. That being said, I am aiming for more of the no thrills basics to bolster some of the order. Brand names aren’t majorly important. I don’t want to buy non-perishables in store for one reason… I don’t want to carry them, so ordering online is my best option, the perishables can be dealt with later.

Note to self, next year, be more organised… Oh maybe I can make a notebook and fill out the stages and shopping lists and be able to share it all with you. That would be more helpful than suggesting going online, working out the shopping lists.

Whats on your mind?

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