Thinking about next year

It’s coming up to that time where I start to think a bit more about what I want to try to do next year. I think a large part of that is going to be how I spend my time.

I think the one major thing I need to really think about is motivation and will power. This year has shown me that without driving myself hard enough and just coming out of a routine and being selfish with time set aside for a dedicated purpose I won’t do it. Writing is the biggest example. If I don’t “feel like it” I have stopped doing it, and laziness and procrastinating doing other things has taken over. I don’t want to repeat that next year.

A large part of my year next year is going to be dedicating time.

This year after some time off sick in the summer and seeing how that affects my wages I am looking at a new way of budgeting… It’s like a tiered approach divided into priorities. So far looking at it this way has really helped how I view my finances and the knock on effect. It feels less stressful, although there is always more month than money, I am getting better at not spending it all… almost. This year I learned how to save a little bit better.

With next year on the fast approach I am going to have to start making some tough decisions. I think learning some self control and remaining motivated will be the biggest personal challenge I can possibly give myself.

Whats on your mind?

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