What am I looking forward to in 2019?

I hope you’ve had a brilliant Christmas, but I am really getting excited about the New Year.

Well, obviously spending lots more time with D. I’m looking forward to writing some more… Whether that is working on the big project which I barely touched after finishing it, or working more on the Dollhouse project. I love both but I don’t mind which takes priority for the year right now.

I am looking forward to continuing the work on the law of attraction stuff I started doing in the middle of 2018, it really got me focused on what I want and where I am going. I think that was a big help and a great drive to push forward more with the things that made me happiest.

I am hoping to spend some more time with the family, and I am looking forward to experiencing some new events. I am looking forward to my 28th birthday, hopefully a smaller affair this year. Hopefully, but still as fun.

I am hoping to go on a trip to Brighton again this coming year. I want to go and see a west end show. I want to do something, like go out on Halloween like I have done the last couple of years, 2018 was The Phantom of the Opera (for the second time this year) with D. Last year, 2017 it was Wicked with D and H and in 2016 it was Wicked with C.

I am looking forward to reading new books and writing some more. I am looking forward to making some time for myself. I am hoping to do something strange and new, I wouldn’t mind trying to climb the O2 as well… 2019 looks to be full of so many opportunities.

Whats on your mind?

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