Knitter Knatter

Welcome to the first ever Knitter Knatter. I’m already super excited and I can’t wait to show you what I have been working on recently.

So, what has been the project that is in my favour? A spiral knit blanket.


So as you can see I started it with so much energy…. Using five colours all brought from Poundland. There is peach, mint, pink, cream and blue and it follows that colour routine all around. It’s very soft because I decided that going with baby wool would give a much sweeter finish to the project.


As you can see in the early stages it was quick and easy to knit, but that shortly changed and the more I knitted the longer finishing a side felt like it took. I really like how the spiral is turning out and creating the neat little ridge was a really sweet addition. I think similar patterns are found using the keywords “spiral knit blanket” these can be found on Ravelry or even on youtube. I’ve done this blanket style a few times so I never follow a pattern and go with whatever looks best at the time.

An in progress corner shot, the bit that takes me the most patience and takes up more attention. It’s fun, its easy I like it… But as you can see I am nearly always going to be knitting in my pyjamas while watching netflix! I am nothing if not consistent. (I couldn’t help smiling at seeing my ring… still super buzzed about being engaged if I am honest.)

It’s getting bigger slowly, as it grows I will let you know how the netflix and knit project with very little concentration and focus is going. But for the first Knitter Knatter update this is what I have been working on… I used 4mm needles in case you were planning to try it. Oh and if you do, try to get the shorter 4mm needles, I even recommend getting the childrens 4mm needles. You only work ten stitches across so longer needles are a massive pain in the backside because the turning time feels frustrating, but 25cm long (max) needles or shorter are ideal for this kind of work. It is 90% done using a basic knit stitch with only the joining edge and corners being a slight change in technique.

If you are doing colour blocks like this, a piece of paper and a pen to count your rows on or if you feel like being fancy a row counter are excellent additions to the accessories.

Whats on your mind?

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