Knitter Knatter

So its the second Knitter Knatter and this does still feel a bit weird, I don’t normally write about knitting… Not like this anyway. So I put down the spiral knit blanket for a while for a break and have been back at it working on the cable knit jumper from hell! I think I originally found this pattern a few years ago in a library book, god knows which one, so I was cheeky and made a copy of the pattern so I could give it a go… Sure I’ve written on my notes…

It helps to write on notes but to also make yourself a cheat sheet, especially with a cable knit to see how you are doing and where you are in the pattern, especially when parts of it have to match up… I used a cheap red and blue biro to be able to work everything out and be able to spot it easily.

I found a curved cable needle much easier than a regular straight cable needle easier. The cable pattern is done over 25 stitches so it is a bit of a mission to get perfect and its a repeating 14 row pattern at that.

This is the front panel and it has the extended collar pattern which means that stitch holders were my best friends in this instance. But It came out pretty well, though its very “boxy” looking.  Continue reading

Knitter Knatter

Welcome to the first ever Knitter Knatter. I’m already super excited and I can’t wait to show you what I have been working on recently.

So, what has been the project that is in my favour? A spiral knit blanket.


So as you can see I started it with so much energy…. Using five colours all brought from Poundland. There is peach, mint, pink, cream and blue and it follows that colour routine all around. It’s very soft because I decided that going with baby wool would give a much sweeter finish to the project.


As you can see in the early stages it was quick and easy to knit, but that shortly changed and the more I knitted the longer finishing a side felt like it took. I really like how the spiral is turning out and creating the neat little ridge was a really sweet addition. I think similar patterns are found using the keywords “spiral knit blanket” these can be found on Ravelry or even on youtube. I’ve done this blanket style a few times so I never follow a pattern and go with whatever looks best at the time. Continue reading