Dinner of the week

Roast chicken thighs with mega mushroom risotto

So this weeks outstanding dinner was a mushroom risotto with chicken. Reviews were that is ‘banging’ and worth making again.

So here’s what I used… (plus chicken thighs that were roasted plain) I admit I cooked this in a wok.

2 chicken oxo, large white onion, olive oil, small cup white wine, 1 tsp of mixed herbs, garlic granules, onion granules, about 2 punnets of mushrooms, small bit of lemon for juice
Mushrooms (1 punnet chestnut, white and even a punnet of shitake because we could get hold of them), frozen peas, risotto rice

So how did I do it? Well I started with the onions gently frying them until they turned translucent and then added risotto rice I had to eye ball it because I’m lazy.

It’s not a big tub like around half a litre at most!

Whats on your mind?

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