What have I been reading now???

So it took about a day and a bit to read City of Bones by Cassandra Clare.

Safe to say I enjoyed it. While I am an avid reader, this took less than three days of “I am reading this book” days, but taking out the time I wasn’t reading it would be a day and a half.

I enjoyed reading it, I enjoyed the nuances of characters. The things that the character’s notice, the expression Clary found in shoulders. Something that some of us do with some kind of instinct and then just dismiss the character seems to consider.

I suppose that must be very much the artistic mentality.

I enjoyed the pace, the action and the content. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I find it quite interesting, embracing the myth and legends. Of course I do, I love fantasy. So this book is great. I will be reading the next one in the series of The Mortal Instruments.

I love the perspective change and the way the world around Clary seems to change, but the real change is her, her being able to see it.

And yes MAGNUS BANE- Awesome.

I love the idea that is revolving around a sense of family, it’s a very human concept and centred-ness and feeling of home. These beings half human half angel have this family feeling not just being warriors. They are more than just the basic dimensional character. Each one has a further dimension, each is pursuing their adventure and story. They have their motivations and mannerisms.

And those motorbikes- I WANT ONE!


I enjoyed it, I can’t wait to read the next book. So this is going to be a short bit here because I want to start the next book.

So what I am saying is this book is great. She finds out her life is essentially a lie, her mother hid her identity, her true father, she has a crazy adventure and yet there she is, still a functioning, kind human being- well… ish.

But still she grew up human so yes.

Also- how cute is Simon.


How did I discover the Shadow Hunters? I saw the series on Netflix watched in a week and then ordered the books— OOOOPS! I seem to find good books from watching Netflix adaptations. Which I can’t complain at.

But that said and this totally aside from this book. I would love to see Bloodlines and Vampire academy to be made into a series in episodes- because I do enjoy them and I would probably watch them, a lot.

I like books that inspire me so yes the Vampire Academy and sister series is considerable inspiration, as is as it seems to be at this point in time the Shadow hunters series… I am ready for more so for this moment I am off to go and read the second book in the series.