Knitter Knatter

Knitter Knatter number Four and this week I can say that I finished the baby stuff for my co-worker


The in progress -slash- almost finished mittens ready to be sewn up. Not too tricky but then again the pattern was a bit of a wing it and hope type dealy.


The sewn up mittens all nice and tidy… ish… excuse the pjs… but the mittens kind of looked the cutest if I am honest.

The finished products each with the little bow, with little pink flowers! The ribbon was super cute, but I am not great at tying bows at all.. let alone sewing things up… not my forte.


Knitter Knatter

So its Knitter Knatter number three! What have I been doing?

Well one of my co-workers is pregnant so I have been working on doing a few little baby bits on the fly using only size 4mm needles and some baby wool.


So as you can see the first thing I wanted to make was baby booties, it was about an hour or two max but I did it on a car ride. Safe to say I didnt really have a pattern strictly I just sort of went at the knitting of it to make a t shirt shape.  When its done it gets folded over and it makes a sort of fortune cookie easy sock bootie.

I need to get some ribbon to add to it to be honest.

Next up I worked on a little hat, I figured a little rib hat would have some stretch and style to it.

This is the little hat all sewn up.

I need to add a little bow on this too, I’ve been waiting to find out if they are having a boy or girl… well now I know I need to take a trip to the craft shop to get some pink ribbon. Mint and pink or something should go together quite sweetly. I better do some mittens to match too… OOPS!