Mum life

Are used to think writing was more of a ritual. That I could sit down and set up, have my tea and I’ll have my biscuits. I’ll basically be very, very relaxed when I write. Being a mum is the opposite. When I write it stolen moments in time punctured by babbling or miss behaviours, being cheeky, someone wanting attention. Someone not respecting the process, if there is such a thing.

Nowadays I can’t write and snap if I’m distracted or I can’t be upset I’ve been distracted I have my attention taken away. Because now it’s being taken out by the most amazing little human that I’m raising. Which is petrifying same time.

The only thing I wished is that it was easier to write now. Now writing makes me feel guilty because it’s time for myself even if it’s stolen two seconds here and there it’s something that belongs to me. Mum guilt is strong.

Being able to sit down with the notebooks and reference notes and start writing doesn’t seem a possibility at the moment. Majority of the time I have is spent writing these kinds of posts. Little ones.

It’s a world of guilt. Because at the moment I am not willing to say I need to not be distracted for one or two hours unless I really have no choice. So I put writing back on the pile of later. I would hazard a guess that the characters in the story I’m writing are probably feeling a bit neglected right now. It’s understandable.

Being a mum and being a writer and trying to find some kind of balance isn’t something I’ve managed yet. And with the babble for attention in the background taking me away. I will say I will write more later.

Stay safe out there. And may luck and adventure be on your side.


Knitter Knatter

It might be great that finally on knitter knatter number 7 I get to show you the final finished product of the cardigan!

This is the edge in progress for the tiny baby cardigan (it was a picked up edge) which in the end looks really cute! But I found that like with knitting the frills it required lots of concentration when it came to button holes (the first time I have ever knitted a button hole).

This is the larger cardigan with buttons (4-5 years), I thought mismatched buttons of the same size in various colours would be be the best look especially with how the wool knitted up.

This is the little baby cardigan (0-6 months) with buttons… Turns out adding the buttons just required a bit of patience and stabbing myself with the needle 😦


The two completed cardigans together! They look so adorable! I still hate sewing up the panels though… I don’t think I will ever enjoy sewing knitted panels, its the frustrating part for me, especially with lining things up so they stitch up together well.


Knitter Knatter

Its number Six!!!

I’m still working on that cardigan but its ok… It just keeps looking better and better!


The front panel really looks awesome, so pretty!

Working on the headache that is the frills! Seriously needed more concentration than normal. That or I was probably very tired at the time…

The finally completed frills look super sweet in theory, but sewing it on made me super anxious…

So I managed to sew it up and do the edging and made my button holes (FIRST TIME EVER) I decided that I should make one for the baby then the little baby can match her older sister… Also I must buy some buttons!!

Knitter Knatter

It’s Knitter Knatter Five and I have a guilty confession. I decided to start a new project rather than finish one of the many I already have on the go right now.

You know my co-worker who’s having the baby, well she already has a little toddler at home and I didn’t want her to feel left out so I decided to try and make a cardigan for her. Something I have never done before!


This is the casting on and a few rows of the back of the pattern, you can just about see the pattern picture of what the end result should look like… and my pjs and my knitting mess on my chair to go with it… Still need a name for the owl teddy…

A larger section of the back panel and my knitting notes kept on a paper scrap for knitting, helps me keep my rows on other panels even in theory.

 One of the front panels beginning the neck shaping. Must say this wool is pretty and looks great when all the colours get shown in a panel. (Yep it is poundland wool but its absolutely gorgeous)…

It’s taking a lot more concentration than I thought but then it is a small cardigan, although its so much easier to knit than that sodding cable pattern from hell that I have been putting off…



Knitter Knatter

Knitter Knatter number Four and this week I can say that I finished the baby stuff for my co-worker


The in progress -slash- almost finished mittens ready to be sewn up. Not too tricky but then again the pattern was a bit of a wing it and hope type dealy.


The sewn up mittens all nice and tidy… ish… excuse the pjs… but the mittens kind of looked the cutest if I am honest.

The finished products each with the little bow, with little pink flowers! The ribbon was super cute, but I am not great at tying bows at all.. let alone sewing things up… not my forte.