An Author update?

So it has occurred to me, that although I do talk on this page I don’t say much directly about what is going on with me in reality.

So I figured, the last Saturday of the month I would give an update as to what I have been up to in the month and give you an insight into who it is you are reading. Now, I have been told by a friend that I should keep what could be deemed to be a public life and a private life very separate. While I do understand the logic, I thought I may blur the lines.

So, here it is.

Obviously I am female, if you hadn’t have assumed by now. I’m in my twenties, not sure if I have mentioned that. I use Twitter and I have a Facebook page as I am sure you know.

I really do wish I led a healthier lifestyle. But I work in a chaotic environment in an office. Writing is my passion and keeps me sane if that makes sense.

So this past month, my excitement has been over being an actual thing, its a thing! Yes I know I shouldn’t call it a thing, its a website, but its a thing in a good way. I have been super excited about this for days on end. I also got really excited on the 7th  October when this bad boy (or girl?) was released… The Coryburn Girls final in the series I mean.

So I have been doing a wee bit of writing when I get the chance in the evenings or weekends, that or editing. This particular line of story that I am writing, by that I do mean the story, it originally started as a way to break my own boundaries and restrictions, but I am really struggling with the fact that the design to see what could break and destroy the character has grown so much. It seems to be a majority of this characters journey is me just throwing obstacles and situations in the path in the aim to see what it takes to just destroy the character as a whole. What it would take for the total break down, it feels a bit cruel really.

It’s also been a lot of learning this past month, apprenticeship wise, I took some of my exams and it wasn’t too bad.

I recently realised, I seem to be very hard on myself and I do have impossible standards that I set myself. I am trying to change that, I think my expectations of what I want to do can be a bit high, and it is both a problem and a solution because I always want to do better. I think that  eventually should help growth on a personal level in order to do more and explore more ideas with writing.

So this month, I’ve spent time hanging with friends, writing, and I got more work done on my tattoo… Which is now healing quite nicely. Oh and I discovered Netflix, which now means I have even less time and a bigger work load, and I have discovered a  book series thanks to a movie on there… So, as a treat, for completing my exams and working hard on my assignment I might be treating myself to the box set… uh oh!

So… Maybe once I have finished writing the whole of my current project (which is quite a bit of work) I will allow myself to read it.

So many thanks for the reads.


ARA xxx