Author Update (August 2018)

What happened in August?

So maybe not as wholey exciting as July’s comic con trip but still really exciting.

I started a new schedule for the day to day to try to improve the amount of time I spend writing. I think if I am to speak honestly and openly about my experience so far this year when it comes to writing, it has been a particularly difficult year to write. I haven’t done nearly as much as I need or want to. That being said I am trying to change that and make a conscious effort to put more time into writing or creative pursuits. I think inspiration has been only part of the problem. Motivation and will power have been a cause for concern throughout the year on various topics. I think now I am really trying to put that time and effort in to really get a rhythm going. There has been a bit of a struggle I admit but that is hopefully going to change and the writing side of my life is very much becoming a priority for me.

Being very open now I realize that it is time that I change my old process of here and there grabbing at time for writing and now I am physically carving it out of my week to make the most of the time I do have.

I know I mentioned comic con, there will be a post about that soon I promise.

The diet is floundering somewhere out there in the universe because it seems I have given up on it a bit for now. My priority this month has largely been the new schedule and settling into it, after that I am going to make an alteration that will make me wake up a half hour earlier in the day on my routine to fit in exercise. Getting into a routine and habbit is tricky at the best of times and I already feel guilty if my schedule gets a little re-jig around or something is missed. I think the idea of a diet is feeling far to restrictive given this new change in my day to day, so I suspect making a conscious effort to be healthier and eat healthier should give me plenty of motivation.

What am I watching on Netflix? Well, to be honest, I am still watching Pretty Little Liars again. Out side of Netflix the other half and I are still watching the Agents of Shield which is awesome and we are on season 3 now. It makes me want to do a lot more cool stuff.

I have been reading recently, Richelle Mead’s “The Glittering Court” which honestly took me a while to get into, I didnt have much focus, but I have been putting in a little time each day for myself to read.

So this schedule stuff? What have I hoped to be able to fit into a day? Well assuming it’s not my single day off to relax day, each day should be beginning with a half hour meditation before breakfast. Then when I am some semblance of human (washed and dressed) is what I have named “vortexing” it consists of a fifteen minute meditation, followed by making brief notes on what I learned on my meditation and then I read roughly a chapter of a law of attraction book, a couple of notes on what I retained from that (all of which tends to take under fifteen minutes). Assuming it isn’t a work day, I then spend half hour planning an agenda for the day or what I plan to get done for the writing side of life. I set myself an hour of small tasks to start to ease and warm me up in terms of writing followed by what I have called large tasks. That largely involves writing chapters. Towards the evening, about half hour before bed I make time to write the positive aspects of my day down, a little bit of reflection and some time to pre-pave the next day.

So goofing off time? That bit between being productive, then dinner and before bed? Well in that time my self made list of acceptable activities include: reading, netflix and knitting. That is pretty much it. So I suppose I might be trying to even be productive in my down time (the knitting while netflix and the reading) which is an upside.

I am hoping to really get a handle on developing the schedule and routine next month. I keep trying and then I get lazy, its like when that new school year starts, you have great intentions but little follow through at making all the grades. I used to set such unrealistic goals that I struggled and then failed then I beat myself up about it. It was a vicious circle and I don’t want to be beating myself up on not sticking to a schedule. But I need a real routine to get anything done.

I will be slowly cutting back on my posts a little bit to allow myself some time to really focus on some other writing projects that need my attention. At the moment that means that posts will be on Saturday’s and Wednesdays only from now on for a little while to really focus more on the quality rather than the quantity.

So Darling Daughters is OUT NOW , so for those of you wanting to get your hands on the ending… here is the link for Darling Daughters!  OUT NOW!

The Diary of Elliot Parker will release very soon… so here is the Pre-Order link for Ninety-One to One hundred and Twenty!  Releasing 22nd September 2018

Or if you want the whole collection in one neat and tidy book, here is the Pre-Order link for the Complete Collection! Releasing 13th October 2018

Nothing changes here in terms of throwing plugs in for my amazon books on my author page… I haven’t lost my hope just yet.

May luck and adventure be on your side!



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