The Diary of Elliot Parker

.: Entry Twenty-Eight :.

My name is Elliot Parker.

Life is quieter. Life is more peaceful. I feel more worthy.

From the conscious unfriending of Clover, I have discovered a few things now she has gotten bored and seems to have stopped stabbing me in the back. I keep being told that she is putting herself in situations and making life harder unnecessarily, she is putting herself in risky situations. It is concerning. But to be honest, she doesn’t want to change her life for positivity. I really hope she sorts herself out.

I enjoy the feeling of peace and calm. In the calmness I seem to be receiving more intuitive messages. I feel a stronger connection with the inner self. I feel inspired to action. I don’t feel inadequate or insufficient or lacking.

It feels good to be inspired to action.

A couple of days ago I felt inspired that now was the time to go and get a tattoo that I have been wanting. So I went to somewhere I felt comfortable and had a conversation. I felt inspired to book an appointment for in a few days’ time. I feel assured that the action was in that moment right for me. Sure I forgot the original I left behind that was photocopied but I am going back to get it soon. I like the original its quite cute.

How inspired is this?

Yesterday I wanted my meeting to be cancelled/rescheduled, it was. I got booked in for the inking on a whim.

Today, I was meant to be going to lunch with an old work colleague. I sort of wanted a cancel just so that I could follow a bit of a whim and do some more peace and happy time. I just got a text through, she has cancelled. So I might go get my original, get a bag of sugar, a jug and coconut oil and make myself a sugar scrub… sounds gross I know, but it’s really good and I really like it. I feel inspired to just enjoy relaxing, maybe I will even invest in a shower cap so I can wallow in the wonderful feeling of luxury for an evening. Yea I know, how poetic.

I just found a single random grain of sugar on my keyboard. Maybe it’s a sign that is a good idea? I like it.

I am in a good mood; I can’t put my finger on why. I woke up this way. I woke up feeling at peace. I woke up and I let myself wallow in appreciation. I appreciated how good it felt to breath, how soft the air felt, how rested I felt. It was good to wake and feel sure that today was going to be a good day. It is like I received a message that said, “don’t worry, everything is always working out for you, there is nothing that you need to do, there is no action you must inhabit or garner to make what you want happen. You are a deliberate creator, you are a creative co-creator in this universe and everything is yielding itself to you. You are releasing any and all resistance you may hold in your body with every exhale. You are living the life you intended. You are tuned in, tapped in and turned onto the frequency of your wellbeing.”

I woke up just in that knowing. Knowing that everything is going to be more than ok.

I caught myself in a thought I didn’t want to perpetuate just then, instead I soothed myself with this thought “where I was, is not where I am. Where I am, is not where I am going. What is, is not relevant.” Just got to keep following the inspiration and emotional indicators. I am ready for today’s adventures.

I feel like following impulse today. I just suspect there is some magic coming my way.

I like following these good feelings thoughts. I had forgotten for a while there to just enjoy the simple good ness. Today the intuition seems to have built up, the whims to follow seem stronger. I sort of wonder what pleasures these will lead to. I don’t know why I just have a better feeling now. Last night I felt like I let go of more resistance I didn’t realise I had built up. Or perhaps I had unwittingly built up. I decided to stop looking for messages in the literal sense of what I wanted to manifest, after all yesterday proved the good feeling of following intuition in a given moment. Today feels like the start of just, well not, following what I want which is what I had typed and deleted. I think I meant, today feels like the start of allowing what I want to come to me.

Today just seems to be a giant positive rampage feel. I like just feeling free to let my fingers move across the keyboard doing their own little tap dance as I let the inspiration flow to and through me onto the screen.

I know that with writing being able to translate thoughts and ideas into words, using this feels like a new fun challenge every time my fingers touch the keys. The assurances that it gives me, one more yes for what I am desiring.

So with that thought in mind, I feel good.

My name is Elliot Parker. Today I feel inspired to enjoy me. To enjoy every peaceful moment. Today after my shower getting dressed I stole fifteen or so minutes and I read a chapter of the book that I have started reading. I felt quite impressed. I liked it. All good, all inspired. It felt lovely. I know you know the feeling. That stolen little extra time to just allow yourself to have fun and enjoy whatever it is that you want to do and feel inspired to do for a moment in time.

So yes, my name is Elliot Parker. I like feeling at peace, I like feeling happy and sure and strong.

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