The Diary of Elliot Parker Catch Up Time

Here is a brief summery of books one, two and three, but I highly recommend flying over to my amazon author page to get the first three books to be reaquainted properly for the next installments (Saturdays for the foreseeable future) for The Diary of Elliot Parker…



So, has recently had the feature called The Diary of Elliot Parker. This feature is about to restart and launch into the next part of Elliot Parker’s story.

Well here we go for a little recap to catch us all up. I hope that I get this all sort of right, this is a good way for me to test my own memory.

So… Elliot has a friend called Clover. Elliot liked a boy called Stan. Clover started talking to Stan and pursuing him. Clover then dated Stan. (Not the first time Clover has gone after someone that Elliot liked.)

Elliot has strange dreams where it’s supposed to be a safe place, only accessible to Elliot but that is so not the case. A stranger has access to the room of the dream.

Elliot is still very aware that there is an unconditional love for he who shall not be named aka the ex-boyfriend Adrian Ferisle. Sad huh? Adrian is naturally a difficult relationship: friends or otherwise. He knows how to get under Elliot’s skin to cause a lot of anger and hurt- intentionally or not.

Therefore, Elliot knows the tricky situation with the love life cannot last. After struggling to move on for so long Elliot has developed a crush/feelings for a friend, Jonas. Which is a bit of a difficult situation because you never know if or when it would ever be safe to confess something like that to a friend, especially someone that is inspirational. Especially when you have remained in denial for months and months.

Elliot’s strange dreams that seem to be hackable are able to push into a dream in a dream, where Elliot becomes the stowaway girl on a pirate ship under attack and finds a plan to save captain and crew.

Clover and Elliot have a falling out. Elliot remains silent in the matter hoping to work things out but Clover has other ideas. When Elliot decides to put Elliot first and draw a line Clover reacts badly and while Elliot remains silent on the matter Clover goes out of her way to run Elliot’s name through the mud assuming that Elliot will not know or find out. Which sucks. And Elliot knows. Elliot knows everything…

Except… That the dream hacker is actually the ex- Adrian Ferisle not the person he claimed to be, Adrian Kraig, which was incidentally his mother’s maiden name. But still… How uncool, he created the dream world that Elliot enjoys visiting so that he could talk openly and honestly without getting his own way- like he does in the real world.

So that is everything in short. Please check out the link to buy The Diary of Elliot Parker as a whole… A great way to catch up.


Clover and Elliot finally find a way to bridge the gap and the anger. But that doesn’t clear up Elliot’s own confusion, since her dream hacker revealed himself as her ex she’s felt more confused by their friendship or whatever they are. Things just seem incredibly complicated. She followed an impulse and put on a rune ring. Soon after she began to discover astral travel, intentional astral travel.

Somehow Elliot ends up tapping into Adrian’s dreams trying to get a clearer understanding but this only leaves her more confused. She struggles to navigate and chooses to run in a different way and resumes her dreams of being the stowaway girl, even if things aren’t perfect.

Adrian begins to change and Elliot is noticing, and appreciating the change more and more. But he is not the only one changing Elliot is noticing the change in herself as she begins to stumble into her own clarity.

But its two steps forward one step back when Elliot and Adrian meet up one evening. Things get a little, misinterpreted, which leads to Elliot being hard on herself before she stops wallowing in the funk. But they both are feeling that mid-life crisis when they keep denying to themselves and or one another what they really want. Things go from awkward and distant to worse when Adrian finally finds out how Elliot was feeling, from someone else, Clover. This time however, Elliot was standing up for her damn self and not bending to old habits and behaviours to calm the situation. That means a lot of awkward for a long while.

Elliot began putting herself first again and people were noticing. Elliot allows herself more escapism in her dreaming, heading to the stowaway life again. By allowing herself to be someone else the change is substantial and keeps on growing.

Elliot even puts a second chance on the table. She is taking risks and feeling braver. Even when she manifests a whole bunch of crazy and comes to terms with not feeling ready to start a memoir. She escapes back into the stowaway dreams, but finds the spirit dreams with Adrian are still pulling her in. In his own way, he tells her not to give up.

She takes another risk without any agenda or hope of an outcome and tells Adrian the truth, that she loves him unconditionally.


Elliot takes more risks with no reward with Adrian. Her feelings for him change and become less significant than they have ever been and her focus is changing in big ways.

Her visits to the dream worlds are less frequent and significant as her life begins to change more and more, who she is, is changing.

Elliot is becoming a newer person and it is confusing her exactly who she wants to be… Elliot is making tougher choices and silly mistakes.

Elliot’s relationship with Clover really begins to suffer as Elliot changes and decides who she wants to be and what she wants in her life. There are some big clashes as Elliot is really holding Clover accountable for some incidents in the past and the present. Elliot knows how she wants to be treated and that isn’t going to change any time soon. Fact or fiction she has some evolving going on.

Elliot’s life is changing with a new job, her confidence is growing and that has a far reaching impact. She begins to separate herself from what was once what she wanted and begins to enjoy a new freedom. This new job opens the door to a new future, a happier person is beginning to emerge from all this confusing, overwhelming change Elliot has been experiencing.


Elliot is starting to really move on the more she begins to focus on herself. Elliot is changing and Clover doesn’t always agree with her sticking up for herself anymore. There is a huge change in Elliot in terms of her future and her mood. With new guy Dylan taking some attention Clover begins to destroy the relationship she has with Elliot. There is a lot of upheaval and not all of it will be for the better.

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