Well… Today is the launch of the Kindle book of The Diary of Elliot Parker…

You probably may not know this, but I am super excited about today. This project has taken months. In the early days of the creation of this story I sent the first say 5 chapters of The Diary of Elliot Parker to a few friends/testers that are honest and trustworthy judges.

The response varied, but I was happy that there was one consistency. Everyone had questions, they wanted to know more. They demanded to know more. I kind of felt a bit mean but I didn’t give them the answers. Or the next chapters. But I did do one thing. I asked them what they thought. Those of you that write will know just how scary that is. It is literally like handing a bit of your soul over to someone and asking, “hey what do you think?” It is anxiety inducing. One person assumed the gender of the lead character, Elliot was their own. They didn’t even question sexuality or anything. There was a willingness of my testers who automatically accepted and enjoyed and loved being Elliot Parker.

Now the writing of The Diary of Elliot Parker was a new challenge. I set myself a structure, rules and demands of each entry. To answer a few questions and ask more and to never satisfy the reader, to never have enough of it. I hope that it worked. It’s a new technique I wanted to try. The chapter structure, the scenery. The specific-ness of what I wanted Elliot to reveal each time. I found it a true challenge, I might just have to pull that back and see if it is something I can use in a different way in another project one day.

Well I know I said my aim was to never satisfy you, the reader with the Diary of Elliot Parker. But there is more. In the Kindle book OUT TODAY… just in case you have missed the hints- GO GET IT (please)!!! As a very special thank you to those of you who have been reading Elliot Parker’s entries, I have included the next three entries… that’s right you get a head start on seeing what is going to happen next. Not only are the entries in one nice neat place, there are BONUS entries.

You get to see the exclusive world of what Elliot has to say next.

So with all due respect, gratitude and appreciation I would like to thank the readers of for their willingness to read the stories, to read the writing and the writing exercises and all the fun that I have had writing for this website.

It will be a little while before there is more Elliot Parker so please, keep yourself in those worlds a little longer and splash out on the Kindle book.

Out today!!

May luck and adventure be on your side!

ARA xxx