The Diary of Elliot Parker

.: Entry Sixty-Seven :.

My name is Elliot Parker, except, right now I don’t want it to be. I want to be someone else, anyone else. I would love to just explore things through another perspective. I love just being in this universe and all the possibilities that it offers but sometimes, just sometimes I would love to experience things through someone else’s eyes.

I am sure that I am not the only person to ever wonder what it would be like to experience the world through someone else’s eyes? How they touch and taste and feel this world around them.

I just have this urge to meditate into this new place and just see where it takes me. What the swirling colours around me reveal. So that is what I am going to do. I am going to meditate and see if I can unite with my higher self, to find the who I really am that I am seeking. I am certain I can type with my eyes closed and not make too many errors…

As I close my eyes, the colours of the room fade behind my eyelids and I can see bright warm shapes and the colours morph and the words come to me. I know I can do both and reveal what I am searching for, even if I haven’t consciously understood what that is. The colours change and swirl. I can feel the calmness and soothing feeling of the soft music that is playing. I know that I am comfortable and calm and taking gentle breaths. The colours morph from a warm palette to a colourful swirling and every breath feels easy and soft and effortless.

I can ignore and resist the pull of my buzzing phone. It feels good to let go of the me ness that is standing in resistance of my desires. I know that with every breath inwards allowing energies are coming into me, transforming my body, releasing the resistance and allowing it to be expelled in every out breath. I am amazed that I can type so well with my eyes closed. I suppose I have become very familiar with my keyboard, that feels nice. This diary feels nice. I like the gentle ease that comes from this writing, I like the letting go feeling of losing my resistance. I know that everything is always working out for me, I know that everything is working out for me. I know that it is ok to let go of the control I think I have to exert over my surroundings. I know that it is good to release the concept of control, it is faulty and it will not aid me going forward. Trying to control is being resistant of what I am desiring in my eagerness to do something to make what I am desiring to happen. That is ok. It is ok to let go. It is ok to release the emotions that do not serve me. It is ok to rest and relax in every day taking the time to meditate regularly will restore my inner peace. Inner peace feels good, a nice neutral stand point that will allow me to expand my life in any direction that I choose. i can do anything that I desire without being held back or frozen by fear or anxiety. I can release my anxiety to the universe to transform into surety. It is nice to choose clarity. I like that I can let go of any emotion that is not making me feel good. I like feeling good.

I like that thoughts and words are flowing to me easily and effortlessly I like this feeling of eagerness. I know that my desires are unfolding and there is nothing I need to do. I can let go of the desires. I can write them down on a to do list for the universe and not think of it again. I will not be putting resistance in my path. I will have handed the doing-ness to the universe to take care of and I will have to do no efforting to make it happen. It will happen as it has been desired and I will find that my energy will resonate beautifully with the desires that I hold and will bring them into existence.

They are already coming into existence. It feels good to know that my desires are on their way, they are more than desires, they are my experiences, my future conditions that will be a source of joy. I am excited for these future conditions and know that my happiness will stem from my allowing of the desire more than its manifestation. That I am able to choose my life and experiences and I get to choose the things and experiences that I believe will serve me and be a condition that I am joyful for the manifesting of. There is a great joy in believing that I have my desires and it is already here, it is falling into place and I know I am deliberately creating clarity and conditions that bring pleasure.

The universe has heard my asking and is accepting and delivering what I desire as I come to full resonance and alignment of my energy and essence. There is no lack or deprivation of what I am wanting. My energy is transforming to ready allowing and alignment and there is no efforting to make things happen. It is in my feeling good that I am finding myself in beautiful resonance with my inner being. Everything is working out for me and there is no contrast too big or great that can destroy me, there is no condition that will ever impede on my well-being and joy forever. It is all temporary in my adventure. I am consistently making the decision that I want to feel good and the universe is bring that to me which it is known and believed to be that will make me happy and joyful for an eternity because I am a wonderful deliberate creator.

Whats on your mind?

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