Counting Corvids Chapter Six

Chapter Six “Bite Me Again”


“Joseph, darling, your back tell me what news do you have?” Joseph bowed before the Queen until she gave the pardon and he stood straight. “Your majesty, to be able to take the chosen one we have to convert the friend, she is weak, we will get her to help deliver our prize.”

“And how do you to propose this?”
“Let me bite the weak one, distract the chosen one when she isn’t looking I will seize my chance.”
“Can you guarantee our prize?”

“Without a doubt your majesty”
“Go, and do not fail me”
“He’s late”

“I know”

“I hate when people are late”
“I know”

“If people say they are going to meet you at a certain time, they should be on time”
“I know, Willow, Chill”

“He will be here when he gets here”

“Sorry I’m late ladies, I got held up” J.B strolled in cool as a cucumber to Willows annoyance. “Apparently we three have caused a bit of a stir, the Gourlay’s have apparently hired a hit on my head, and they don’t believe that you girls could have survived their attacks without me. As flattering as that is, having a bounty hunter on your tail isn’t much fun.”

The girls stared perplexed at his casual announcement. “Right, so what do we do?”
“Well vanquish the bounty hunter of course, my gosh Willow, didn’t I explain it?”

“Well, no”

“Why don’t you go make a basic vanquishing potion, I am sure Madi will keep me safe?” Madi nodded as she handed over her potion recipe note book. Slightly bemused Willow left to do the potion. “Madi, I’ve waited so long for us to be alone, I’m just sorry it’s under these circumstances.” He lent in as though to kiss her turning at the last minute to bite her neck. Madi’s eyes flashed crimson as he pulled away. “My little crimson ruby, I need you to do me a favour” Madi nodded through her hypnotized glaze. “Bring Willow with you to our festivities, you will know how to find me and we can celebrate your awakening.” Madi nodded once more watching J.B leave. She stood once more and made her way to go to see Willow.


“I told him to hide out and wait for us to find him, come quickly and we can get it all over with, pass me the potion, I’ll be the better shot you might need your hands free.” Willow handed Madi the potion bottles and followed her down into a cave.

“Your majesty, she is here”
“Well done, Joseph you delivered them”
“I would never disappoint you, you will be the first to drink from the chosen one, your majesty.” A reluctant and wriggling Willow was pulled into the room, screaming obscenities, by Madi and some other scantly clad vampires dragging her to the center of the room. “How much of an honor s bestowed upon me, the Queen of these beautiful children is to convert the chosen one into her fold?” The Queen bared her teeth approaching Willow who had finally broken free. Without hesitation the Queen lashed out throwing her into the furthest wall knocking her out. Madi turned to go to help Willow back into position.

Behind her a figure appeared. That same shadowy figure from the alley. The Queen of the vampires knelt before it and her minions followed suit. Before the figure reached out releasing a bolt of lightning set to slay the Queen, her minions disappeared in puffs of smoke and Madi collapsed beside the crumpled form of the Willow, both unconscious but perfectly fine.



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