Counting Corvids Chapter Eight

Chapter Eight “Poison Ivy”


Tucking in a pendant on a chain Hunter knocked at the door, Willow’s father, Eric opened the door looking at his daughter’s suitor. Willow came rushing down the stairs, in the hope of leaving quickly. “Willow you look beautiful”

“My daughter is.” Her mother tucked Willows collar down creating a fuss.

Finally out the door Hunter lead Willow to a beautiful little picnic area completely made stunning by the nature around them. After paying Willow a few compliments their date was rudely interrupted by a woman with bright red hair and a pixie like appearance, in a dress of what looked like ivy. “Oh, really not cool”
“That is what is known commonly as the red headed demon, it feeds off of attention and suffocates its victims with ivy, its also called an ivy demon.”
“Charming, yup”

“So erm, you feel like running?”
“Sure, why not?” The two sprang up and headed into the thicket of trees watching the ivy demon who began to feast on a quake demon. They turned and disappeared further into the woods. “They only feast on those with powerful magic, normally, I suspect the Quake was a snack”

“How do you know all of this stuff?”
“It’s my job to know.”


“Ah good, Willow, Hunter I’ve got some news, Hunter you know how you said you were adopted? I found your mother, it turns out you were kidnapped as a baby and well erm, did you want me to set up a meeting?”

“Wow, Madi, your certainly something aren’t you, I’m not sure I’m ready for that yet”

“That’s cool, that’s cool. Sorry it must be hard for you, Willow, so erm, another thing I recently discovered, how comes you never told me you were the chosen one?”
“Wow, Madi, don’t beat around the bush do you, I didn’t say anything because well, because I don’t want to be,” Willow stared at her hands holding her cup of tea. “It’s a lot of pressure and responsibility to make the alliance everyone wants.”
“I am sure you will make the right choice” Hunter smiled taking her hand.

Willow looked away for a second, “its not like you don’t have to help you should look in the book.”

“What book?”

“The book of Hecate, the book that contains prophecies and answers sent to guide the chosen one.”
“I don’t have it”

“You should”

“What’s the cost?”

“Two upper level powers”

“Fine, just make sure you stop her from ever seeing him and hunter can never know.”
“Fine, your bounty will cover the hit but I am at risk”
“There’s another two powers in it for you, but Hunter must never meet his so called mother”
The bounty hunter disappeared leaving Gray standing on his own in the darkness.


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